BOSS Audio: Top Tips for Great Audio

2020 has been a critical year for talent to up their game and provide top quality audio to their clients. Now more than ever, your home setup must meet the same standards as a traditional “brick and mortar” studio. Listen for the best audio and business performance tips from VO Tech Guru Tim Tippets and VO Boss Anne Ganguzza. Learn how to achieve pro standards, properly ask for help, and be proactive. Head into 2021 like a #VOBOSS!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Be proactive, not reactive. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Invest in backup equipment, such as an interface, mic, computer, and even backup internet access

  2. If you’re not educated in technology, your VO growth is going to be stunted

  3. Educate yourself. When you don’t understand something, research and ask peers and experts until you do understand.  

  4. Make it a goal to understand everything technical that is involved in running your business

  5. Have a hard-wired connection to the internet. There’s nothing like losing a connection in the middle of a live session.

  6. Once you get your equipment set up, take pictures and label everything, so you can easily troubleshoot and put it back together, if necessary

  7. Do not overburden your resources. Including, coaches, teachers, and friends

  8. Get consensus when looking for tech advice. And if that doesn’t work, hire a pro to get things set up.

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  3. Recorded on ipDTL


>> It’s time to take your business to the next level, the BOSS level! These are the premiere Business Owner Strategies and Successes being utilized by the industry’s top talent today. Rock your business like a boss, a VO BOSS! Now let’s welcome your host, Anne Ganguzza.

Anne: Hey everyone, welcome to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with my very special guest cohost, audio tech guru, Mr. Tim Tippets. Hey Tim! How are ya?

Tim: Hey Anne. Doin’ good. How are you?

Anne: I am amazing. You know, I always start off our episodes with questions to you, and I thought that because we’re kind of wrapping up the year, it would be a great idea for us to kind of just go through what we both feel are our top audio tips for our listeners. So that would be maybe the Top Tips from Tim Tippets. [laughs]

Tim: Yeah and even some tips that may not necessarily be directly related to audio.

Anne: Yeah, absolutely.

Tim: You and I have talked about this, and there’s some stuff that you threw in there, making some good points.

Anne: I think they all affect our audio.

Tim: Yeah, they do at the end of the day. Whether there’s performance, it’s still audio, so it counts.

Anne: And I know that we come across as both you and I, I mean in different ways constantly, so we thought it would be a good idea to kind of give you guys some tips based upon our experiences. So Tim, what would be your first tip you are wanting to let our listeners know about?

Tim: Well, the first tip that I would have would be to be proactive and not reactive.

Anne: Ahh yes.

Tim: There’s nothing worse than reactive management. You don’t want to be put in a position where you don’t know what to do, because you didn’t get ahead of it, and you’re panicking, and just everything is going to hell in a hand basket, you know. And it’s just, you need to get in front of everything.

Anne: Yeah.

Tim: Because things can go sideways really, really fast.

Anne: [laughs] Oh yeah. Like, like the other day, when my interface failed. And thankfully I had another interface that I could use, and that was — it had happened to me a long time ago when I only had one interface, and it failed. And then I was stuck because a client had, you know, was asking me to record something. And I’m like, oh no. Now I’ve got a panic, out in a panic go buy something. It just was not a good thing.

Tim: Exactly, you go into —

Anne: I learned from that. [laughs]

Tim: You go into panic, into panic ranger mode, right.

Anne: Mm-hmm, absolutely.

Tim: Then just everything from there, it just gets worse, and worse, and worse, it just kind of builds on itself, right?

Anne: Yeah.

Tim: You get yourself built up into a frenzy, right?

Anne: We’re not just talking interfaces. Like I think honestly you should have a backup mic, right? You should have a backup computer.

Tim: A backup interface.

Anne: A backup Internet connection.