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Microphones 101

with Gillian Pelkonen

Embark on a sonic journey with Anne and audio expert, Gillian Pelkonen, as they explore the world of microphones. From understanding the difference between dynamic, condenser, and ribbon mics, to unraveling the pricing mystery and debunking the 'quality equals cost' myth, your hosts cover it all. Learn what makes a great microphone, how to choose the best one for your unique voice, and how to navigate the complex pricing landscape. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this episode is your ticket to achieving your dream sound without breaking the bank.

Anne & Gillian talk microphones, covering everything from types of mics to choosing the right one and finding options that fit your budget.

"Investing in high-end microphones may not be feasible initially, but it's crucial to have a starting point and work towards your goals." - Gillian

About Gillian

Gillian Pelkonen is an artist constantly searching for pristine + creative sounds. She holds an M.A. in Audio Arts and a B.A. in Creative Writing & Television, Radio + Film from Syracuse University. She has the pleasure of working at reputable commercial recording studios in the New York area & has assisted for engineers such as Elliot Scheiner, D. James Goodwin, Paul Antonell, and Ariel Shafir. Gillian makes waves as a female-identifying sound engineer (and then strives to leave gendered ideas on the control room floor). She uses her voice to teach no B.S. audio + empower everyone who has stayed away from recorded sound due to fear and intimidation.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Look beyond the price tag when choosing a microphone. Consider technical aspects like mic type, capsule, and transformer to find your perfect match.

  2. Embrace the different microphone types—dynamic, condenser, and ribbon—while focusing on condensers as a voice actor. Don't let jargon intimidate you.

  3. Quality doesn't always mean breaking the bank. Explore mics at various price points to discover the perfect fit for your voice and setup.

  4. Factor in your recording environment. Opt for mics like the 416 that reject unwanted noise when dealing with less-than-ideal situations.

  5. Mic technique matters! Even with a top-notch mic, proper usage is essential for stellar results.

  6. Test before investing. Try out different mics to find the one that suits your voice and recording environment best.

  7. Don't hesitate to return a mic that doesn't meet your expectations. Retailers like Sweetwater offer excellent return policies.

  8. Remember, your sound matters more than the mic brand. Focus on delivering a top-notch performance and audio quality.

  9. Start with an affordable mic and upgrade gradually as you become more comfortable and knowledgeable about your sound.

  10. Research and seek advice from trusted resources like Sweetwater, B&H, and Sam Ash to find recommendations that fit your needs and budget.

"When recommending mics to students, one of the biggest things I consider is budget." - Anne

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