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Special Guest - Crisitina Milizia

Voice actor and entrepreneurial spirit Cristina Milizia joins THE VO BOSS podcast to share her VO and GVAA journey. From her iconic performances in "League of Legends" to her shows on Nickelodeon, Cristina's career has spanned, toys, games, animation, and more! Cristina talks about her artistic influences and passion for performance, how being bilingual influences her career, and unexpected stardom in the face of adversity. Beyond the microphone, Cristina's legacy is amplified by her profound impact on the voice acting community through the Global Voice Acting Academy (GVAA) and its pivotal rate guide. We discuss the ethos of leadership, the cultivation of a nurturing community, and the unyielding push for fair compensation in the industry. In this episode, we uncover the roots of Cristina Milizia's voice acting and entrepreneurial journey.

Aout Crisitina Milizia

Cristina Milizia is an award winning, bilingual voice actor & coach specializing in animation. 2022 Voice Arts Awards Winner for “Outstanding Animation Character, Film or TV, Best Voiceover”, she is most well known for voicing:: Annie & Amumu on League of Legends, Poison Ivy on Cartoon Network’s DC Super Hero Girls, Jessica Cruz for LEGO DC, Carlitos on The Casagrandes, Teresa for Barbie Mattel & Baby Bottle on The Cuphead Show. She is the founder of GVAA & the creator of the GVAA Rate Guide.

Chapter Summaries

(00:01) Entrepreneurship and Acting With Cristina Milizia

Bilingual voice actor Cristina Milizia shares her career journey, entrepreneurial spirit, and the importance of adaptability in voice acting.

(04:24) Voiceover & Animation Career Transition

From childhood to founding GVAA, her journey in voiceover includes toy work, vocal versatility, and success in animation.

(11:15) Unexpected Voice Actor Fame

Cristina's journey from unknown voice actor to gaming icon, transition to animation, and insights on the toy industry.

(21:05) Building a Voice Acting Community

GVAA's creation and impact on voice acting community, online education, challenges faced, comprehensive rate guide, collaboration with coaches and professionals, and protection of voice actors.

(24:31) Leadership, Humility, and Fair Rates

Leadership, service over power, mentorship, fair compensation, online communities, pay-to-play model's rise in the voice acting industry.

(28:44) The GVAA Rate Guide

Nature's seismic shifts in voiceover industry, rise of and Voice123, GVAA rate guide, burnout, need for reliable benchmarks.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

1. Cristina Milizia is a bilingual voice actor and coach with a remarkable career in voiceover, particularly in animation, with roles in "League of Legends," "DC Superhero Girls," and "The Cuphead Show." 2. Cristina's journey to stardom was not without challenges, including a career-altering accident, yet her resilience and passion for performance helped her navigate through adversity to success. 3. Her voice acting career transitioned from performing in toys and games to major roles in animation, with a strategic focus on working with industry leaders like Disney, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon. 4. Beyond her voiceover work, Cristina is an entrepreneur who founded the Global Voice Acting Academy (GVAA) and created the GVAA Rate Guide to support fair compensation and provide resources for the voice acting community. 5. Cristina's commitment to the voice acting industry is also evident in her work to build a nurturing community and advocate for ethical business practices, emphasizing the importance of leadership that serves rather than seeks power. 6. The GVAA Rate Guide was developed as a response to the need for a standardized rate system for voiceover work, particularly for non-union jobs, and has become a crucial tool for voice actors to establish fair pricing. 7. Cristina's fame in voice acting felt unexpected, with the recognition of her laugh by a fan in public. 8. The episode reveals Cristina's artistic upbringing and how her early exposure to performance with her musician parents laid the foundation for her eventual success in voice acting. 9. The podcast discusses the importance of adaptability in the voiceover industry, as well as the need to be performance-ready, which Cristina honed from an early age. 10. Cristina's story highlights the convergence of art and business in the voice acting industry, showing how pursuing one's passion can lead to entrepreneurship and influence within one's field.

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