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The Booking Blueprint

Today's voiceover landscape is brimming with untapped potential, and we're here to map it out for you. From acing live Zoom auditions to nailing in-person meetings, we've got you covered with all the preparation and adaptability tips you'll need. Join us as we delve into diversifying your voiceover skillset and why leaning into a variety of genres, like e-learning and corporate narration, could be your ticket to consistent work. Plus, don't miss our candid discussion on the art of evolution in the voice acting world, emphasizing the importance of ongoing training and a measured approach to carving out your niche. Whether you're a newbie to the mic or a vocal veteran, this dialogue is tuned to resonate with your voiceover aspirations.

In this episode, we'll lead you through integrating crucial marketing strategies into your weekly grind, ensuring they receive as much focus as your auditions.

Chapter Summaries

(00:01) Marketing Strategies for Voiceover Success

Marketing is crucial for voiceover success, requiring consistency and dedication alongside auditioning and other tasks.

(11:22) Broadening Voiceover Opportunities and Specialties

Unique pressures and opportunities in live interactions, diversifying work across genres, and the importance of training for success in the voiceover industry.

(16:14) Evolution and Growth in Voice Acting

New voice actors should explore different genres, prioritize skill development over earnings, and understand the 'real read' and acting.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

1. Importance of a Solid Marketing Plan: Voiceover artists must redirect energy toward creating a consistent and effective marketing plan, dedicating time each week to outreach efforts.

2. Integrating Marketing with Weekly Tasks: Voice actors need to organize their schedules to include marketing activities alongside other tasks like auditioning to ensure they are continuously putting themselves out there.

3. Embracing Genre Versatility: Expanding skill sets across different voiceover genres like e-learning and corporate narration is essential for sustained success and capturing more market opportunities.

4. Live Interactions and Preparation: The episode emphasizes the unique opportunities and pressures of live interactions and the importance of research and preparation to address client needs effectively.

5. Continual Growth and Coaching: Ongoing development through coaching is critical for voice talents to refine their craft and compete effectively before focusing solely on earnings.

6. Exploring Different Genres Before Niching: New voice actors should try various genres to discover their strengths and how audiences perceive them before settling into a specific niche.

7. Assessing and Improving Performance Skills: Voiceover artists should honestly assess their performance skills and seek coaching to make their reads more competitive.

8. Strategic Networking: Face-to-face networking and attending live events can be powerful for building relationships and becoming memorable to potential clients.

9. Consistency in Marketing Efforts: Consistent follow-up on leads is crucial, as a lead may not need services immediately but could become a client in the future.

10. Self-Production and Creating Work: Voiceover artists should consider self-producing projects to stay creative, market themselves, and potentially generate more work.

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