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Custom Boss Website with Jim Fronk

How do you turn a lifelong passion for music, radio, and video games into a successful career in voice acting? Join me as I chat with Jim Fronk, a seasoned radio veteran who transitioned into voice acting, entertaining people with his dynamic performances and engaging characters. But that's not all, Jim’s talents extend beyond the microphone. He's also a whizz in website development, skills he's utilized to build successful websites for fellow voice actors. He delves deep into the magic of website creation, including the critical elements of a voiceover website and how you can create a one-page website in record time. Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and better yet, educated by Jim's wealth of knowledge and experience in the voice acting industry. Don't miss out!

In this episode, we cover what makes a great BOSS website and how it can help you get booked!

About Jim

Jim has always been creative and secretively a tech geek. While working at radio stations, he gravitated towards graphic arts and webmaster duties. Through the years he created websites, not only for some of his ventures but for other radio friends and their DJ/entertainment side hustles. When Jim entered the VO world, he was amazed at how much it cost to have a basic cookie-cutter website built for a voice actor. So Jim created his 3-Hour Learn-By-Doing Website Creation Class. For a fraction of the cost, he teaches you how to create, update, and expand your own VO website as your business expands. Check out for more details.

Chapter Summaries

(00:01) - Business Growth Strategies

(03:37) - From Singing to Radio

(13:57) - The Journey of a Voice Actor

(17:21) - Exploring Video Games and Website Development

(22:26) - Website Development and Voiceover Success

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

1. Transitioning from a career in radio and stand-up comedy to voice acting can be guided by a mentor and should leverage one's unique style that is developed from a diverse background in these fields. 2. A special affinity for animation can significantly boost your voice acting skills, which in turn, can be helpful for voice-over jobs. 3. It's beneficial to incorporate personal passions, such as video games, into your work within the voice acting and radio industry, which can provide a unique touch to your work. 4. Mastering website development skills is important as a voice actor as it provides a crucial tool for connecting with global audiences. 5. A voiceover website should be user-friendly and contain key elements such as downloadable demos, a personal logo or picture, and a call-to-action button to engage your audience better. 6. Offering unique services can also be an effective way to connect with your audience and grow your business. 7. Your journey in voice acting can be positively influenced by a diverse range of experiences, such as stints in radio, stand-up comedy, and even unconventional activities like flying drones. 8. Active involvement in community events and activities, such as hosting local events and football games, can provide additional opportunities for practicing your skills. 9. Despite the challenges involved in transitioning from radio to voice acting, finding great fulfillment in being behind the microphone can indicate a strong passion for connecting with and entertaining audiences, which is key to success in this field. 10. Always aim to engage your audience, whether it's for radio, stand-up comedy, or voice acting. This passion can be the driving force behind a successful transition and career in voiceover.

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