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Oz Krakowski - Deepdub.Ai

Anne welcomes Oz Krakowski from DeepDub, a company specializing in dubbing and voiceover end-to-end localization. Oz and Anne discuss the evolving technology and the importance of protecting the integrity and earnings of professional voice actors. They look at the ethical landscape of AI, the significance of artist compensation, and the transformative effect technology is having on voiceover work. With the rise of deepfakes and synthetic voice replication casting shadows of concern, they discuss the pressing need to protect voice artists' identities. They also navigate the intricacies of consent and compensation in voiceover AI models. This episode is a call for trust and clarity in the dynamic dance between technology and the voice talents that bring authenticity to AI-generated content.

In this episode, we look at how uses voice models and their commitment to ethically working with voice actors.

About Oz Krakowski

Oz is an experienced executive with a rich background in business and technology, especially in the entertainment industry. His current role at Deepdub showcases his deep involvement in the realm of media and film, where he leverages innovative technology to enhance the industry's landscape. His extensive knowledge and insights have made him a sought-after figure in film conferences worldwide.

Chapter Summaries

(00:01) AI's Impact on Voice Actors

DeepDub's AI technology and voice acting industry, ethical concerns, Voice Actors Royalty Program, and broader implications of AI advancements.

(09:36) Protection of Artists' Voice and Likeness

Protecting artists' voices and likenesses from deepfakes, compensation models, ethical considerations, and transparency in partnerships.

(15:33) Dubbing Process and Voice Actor Involvement

Synthetic voices impact voice actors' rights and compensation, while also revolutionizing the dubbing industry and enabling efficient localization.

(24:55) Managing AI and Respecting Human Rights

Ethical considerations in AI development, fair compensation for creators, and regulation for positive use.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

1. Oz Krzakowski from DeepDub discusses the integration of AI with the voice acting industry, addressing how

DeepDub is advancing content accessibility with synthetic voices while respecting voice actors' rights.

2. The episode delves into the ethical challenges posed by AI, including the protection of voice artists' identities,

and the risks associated with deepfakes and synthetic voice replication.

3. DeepDub is working on ensuring that voice actors are fairly compensated through initiatives like the Voice

Actors Royalty Program, which provides payment for AI-powered projects that utilize their voices.

4. The podcast highlights the need for industry standards and legal protections to safeguard voice actors against unauthorized use of their voices and likenesses in AI-generated content.

5. The conversation covers the dubbing process and how synthetic voices are changing production dynamics,

making localization faster and more feasible, while still maintaining the human touch through involvement of voice

actors, directors, and linguists.

6. The episode underscores the necessity for transparency and trust between voice talents and technology

companies, with a call for regulations to protect against misuse of synthetic voices.

7. AI's impact on the dubbing industry is explored, including the potential for actors to negotiate royalties and how

technology is enabling the scaling of localization projects that might otherwise be impractical.

8. Krzakowski emphasizes the importance of building ethical considerations into the foundation of AI platforms,

maintaining open dialogue, and adapting as legal frameworks evolve.

9. The future of AI is envisioned as becoming seamlessly integrated into daily life, enhancing tasks without

replacing human creativity, with a focus on using AI as a force for good.

10. Voice actors interested in working with DeepDub can join their Voice Actors Royalty Program, which involves a

vetting process to ensure fair and transparent engagement in AI-powered voiceover work.

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