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Comedy in VO with Tom Sawyer

The stage is set, the mic is on, and the cue is yours. In this episode, stand-up comic and voice actor Tom Sawyer shares his golden nuggets for aspiring voice talents hoping to benefit from the power of comedy. From the importance of having fun in the booth to taking a well-deserved break, and the power of belief in oneself, Tom is a reservoir of invaluable insights. We talk about standing out in a sea of talents, catching the ears of the right casting person, and the art of continuous learning. But remember, feedback is the breakfast of champions, and as Tom says, it's all about enhancing your performance. Get ready, it's showtime!

Join us on a hilarious journey with Tom Sawyer, the actor, comedian, and entrepreneur who successfully ran the legendary San Francisco Comedy Club Cubs for over 30 years

About Tom

Tom Sawyer ran lengendary San Francisco comedy club, Cobb's for over 30 years. After stepping away from the comedy business, Tom was encouraged to explore voice acting by after famed comedian and voice actor Carlos Alazraqui (Rocco’s Modern World, the Taco Bell Chihuahua) who knew Tom was an excellent celebrity impersonator. Tom signed with JE Talent in San Francisco and Aperture Talent in Los Angeles in 2017, and the rest is history.

Chapter Summaries

(0:00:01) - Entrepreneur Tom Sawyer's Comedy Club Success

Tom Sawyer discussed his long journey in comedy, impressions, stage time, bombing, crowd master, and opening the San Francisco Comedy Club Cubs.

(0:11:18) - Comedy and Voice Acting

Discover strengths and weaknesses, explore comedy and voice acting, and network to give an audition what they need.

(0:14:39) - Comedy and Character Development in Art

Tom teaches how to develop characters, find humor, use subtlety in rewriting, and use audio files to get into character.

(0:24:14) - Advice for Voice Talent

Tom discusses standing out, taking classes, networking, and feedback to improve performance.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

1. Comedy and voice acting intersect in many ways, with comedic skills often benefiting voice acting performances.

2. Networking and acing auditions are crucial for success in the voice acting industry.

3. Believing in oneself and having fun are also essential in this field.

4. Tom Sawyer's journey in comedy offers valuable lessons for aspiring voice actors.

5. Creating characters and finding humor in scripts are key elements in voice acting.

6. Stage time and handling audience reactions are integral parts of a comedian's journey.

7. Voice actors should continue learning and improving, and feedback can be a useful tool in this process.

8. Tom shares his strategies on standing out in a crowded field and attracting the attention of casting directors.

9. The importance of authenticity and being true to oneself in performances.

10. The podcast provides insights into the transition from comedy to voice acting and the value of continuous learning in both fields.

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