BOSS Mindset – Information Overload

Blogs, videos, articles, tweets, podcasts – aaaagggghhhhh! We’re bombarded every single day by so much information. It’s overwhelming. How do we reduce the digital clutter? The Bosses are here to help you clean house. In today’s world of information overload, it’s important to have a plan for your digital exposure and a way to manage the mega-loads of info that leave most voice actors feeling clueless. So, let’s get digital!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Dealing with all the information outlets can be completely overwhelming.

  2. We are often bombarded by so much info that we shut down and don’t know what to do.

  3. Have a clear idea, vision or goal as to what you are trying to learn and how to best use digital content.

  4. Pay close attention to the creators of digital voiceover content. Focus on those who speak to you and help you achieve your goals.

  5. Try not to clutter your head with ‘stuff’ that isn’t applicable to what you want to do.

  6. Limit your social media time by setting allowed hours to engage in social activities.

  7. It takes regimented dedication to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

  8. Our capacity to learn is in blocks of time – usually 10-45 minutes. If you exceed your limit, your head will be cluttered.

  9. Voiceover students tend to put too great an expectation on themselves. They try to know-it-all before starting their business.

  10. Take smart phone breaks. Unplug and socialize the old-fashioned way.

  11. Don’t feel like you have to remain connected all the time. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you don’t set limits.

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Anne: So Gabby.

Gabby: [cute voice] Yeah?

Anne: [laughs] What is one of my favorite things to wear in the studio?

Gabby: Ummm…

Anne: [laughs]

Gabby: [stutters] Hmm…umm…

Anne: [laughs] I’ll tell you what, Gabby, it’s BOSS-branded.

Gabby: Is it your BOSS undies?

Anne: [laughs] We have the most amazing BOSS undies! It is, Gabby, it is! The BOSS undies! You need to get yourself into the frame of mind that is going to heighten your performance, just make you feel confident, and a, just like a BOSS.

Gabby: Every day you have an opportunity to put on your big BOSS panties or your big BOSS boxers, and I think —

Anne: There you go.

Gabby: — that that is how you start an amazing day as an entrepreneur.

Anne: Take a look at them on Welcome to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with my amazing, information-overloaded cohost, Gabby Nistico.

[both laugh]

Gabby: Hi!

Anne: Gabby! Yay, me too, I should say.

Gabby: Yeah.

Anne: Both of us, information overload. I am — my head right now, Gabby, it’s just too much. There’s too much. I thought it would be a great time to talk about how we deal with all of this information.

Gabby: Find me anybody in voiceover right now who’s not like “oh my God!” There’s so many avenues, there’s so many outlets, there’s so much to read on the Internet, there’s so many — it just —

Anne: Social media alone is like —

Gabby: Overwhelming!

Anne: Oh my God. Social media, and websites, and casting sites, and — oh my gosh, it’s, there’s, it’s almost like it’s too much, and you don’t even know what to do. I mean even myself, a tech girl, even I am like “oh my God, I need to step back,” because it’s all just too much all the time, and my brain I think is starting to feel the same was as like all of my social media channels, which is like completely overloaded. Gabby, what do we do?

Gabby: I went down a bunny hole that is Reddit the other day.

Anne: Oh yeah. [laughs]

Gabby: Oh my God! I was like, “please, dear God, no, ot another social media. I can’t do this.”

Anne: Yeah, that is a, that is a rabbit hole.

Gabby: Yeah. Oh man. Alright [laughs] so cutting through all of it. Right? Cut through the clutter. Let’s, let’s look at it that way.

Anne: Yup.

Gabby: We got clutter. We gotta clear it. How’re we going to handle this?

Anne: I think, Gabby, the first thing you’ve gotta ask yourself is “what are you using this information for,” and I think we’re pretty much talking about digital information. Right? When we sit at our computer, right? What is the, what is the purpose for us sitting in front of that computer? Are we trying to market our businesses? Are we being social? Are we advertising our businesses on social? What is it that we’re doing? I think we need to have a clear —

Gabby: Are we trying to learn something new? Right.

Anne: Right. I think we have to have a clear idea and a clear mind going into it, understanding what it is that we’re using the medium for. And I think that may be, may be a good first step in trying to declutter.

Gabby: It is, and I feel like what you’re trying to talk about is kind of like BOSS feng shui.

Anne: Oooo! [laughs]

Gabby: Because I know that you know a decent about the shui. So —

Anne: I took classes. I did, mm-hmm.

Gabby: I know, so can you kind of like overlap these two ideas a little bit? Like what are the principles?

Anne: Well first of all, clutter, any kind of clutter. Clutter in your house, right, this is feng shui, clutter in your house means clutter in your head. Um so I’m gonna say clutter on your computer, number one, and that includes not just your organization on a computer. That includes like what you’re looking at on the computer. So clutter in what you’re looking at, what you’re digesting in your life, um in your digital life absolutely means clutter in your brain. And I think that it’s, it’s something for you to at least sit down and recognize that it exists, and then really have a clear cut idea as to how you want to use that medium, because I myself, as I mentioned, have even experienced it in the past, I would say, six months where I need to maybe step back from some of those channels and only visit them certain times of the day to avoid my brain getting cluttered. And literally, Gabby, how many times have we done a Zoom where you’ve looked at the amount of tabs that I have on my Google Chrome? I want everybody out there to admit, if you have more than 10 tabs open, you’re in with me. [laughs]

Gabby: I have always prided myself on being a — something of a minimalist. I don’t like clutter. I don’t like — which is funny being a rock collector, like I’m very particular about the way I will collect, because I do not want to be a hoarder. If you’re not displaying —

Anne: [gasps] Digital hoarder!

Gabby: If you’re not aware, I think what’s happening now is we’re becoming digital hoarders. We have so much information, so many files, so many photos, like, it’s getting to be crazy. With voiceover, I think the, the fastest way for me anyway to streamline is to force myself to go, “who’s the source?” That’s my journalism background in action. Like I go literally right to that place of who’s the source of the material? I have to make a very quick judgment. If the source of the material is someone whose career I emulate, or who for, lack of a better way to put it, has what I want, then I’m going to listen to them, and that’s the pathway I’ll follow. But if that person doesn’t have what I’m looking for in a career, or is doing something else that I really don’t have a big interest in, I’m going to kind of shut that off, because it’s just stuff.

Anne: I also think though you need to allow yourself some playtime, the playtime to explore.

Gabby: Yeah.

Anne: Because yes, I totally agree that there has to be like who you’re giving attention to, who you’re following, who you’re believing in terms of “is this information valid or not,” but I also think there needs to be a time for research, a time for play that can help you discover new people to follow, new sources, and new resources.

Gabby: Yes. It’s saying, “OK, well, I found this thing, this person, this resource,” whatever it might be. It could be another podcast. It could be a book. It could be, you know, a, a workshop somebody’s having, and you go, “let me look at them. Look at who’s offering this.” I know Scott Brick is a master when it comes to audiobooks, and he’s incredibly well-respected, and I’ll refer people to him all day every day, but me personally, I don’t do a lot of poking into Scott Brick’s work or his teachings because I don’t want to do audiobooks. So…

Anne: Good point.

Gabby: Why clutter my head with stuff that’s not really applicable to what I want to do?

Anne: Well, I think also it, it makes sense to, as I mentioned, sit down and have a plan.

Have a plan for your digital time.