Marketing: Email Tips – Part 2

Open rate, bounces, and click-throughs, “Oh My!” Part 2 of Anne and Pamela’s Email Tips gives you an in-depth look at cultivating your emails and lists for maximum engagement. The goal of your emails is to gain new clients. To do this, you need to be familiar with your data. Learn the terminology and tactics you need to know to rock your email marketing analytics like a #VOBOSS!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. If you write 25 subject lines without thinking, out of that comes the magic!

  2. Sit down and let creativity come through the keyboard.

  3. Copy should be succinct otherwise people won’t read the whole email.

  4. Realize people will skim your email.

  5. Speak to your audience rather than talking about yourself.

  6. Do a skim of your emails and see how often you say “I, we” instead of “you”. Be “you” centric, not “I” centric.

  7. Emails can’t be about you, or your voice, it has to be about your client.

  8. The customer is in charge of their journey, and they care about themselves the most.

  9. Don’t give your client a series of homework assignments, be succinct.

  10. Having only one link per email allows for better data on your clickthrough rate.

  11. Check your stats open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, and unsubscribe rate

  12. Open rate depends on the best day, time of day, and subject lines

  13. Try to be into an inbox early in the morning (in their timezone), mid-morning, or around 2pm or night time in general, so it’s there first thing in the morning.

  14. Be aware of timezones, and do your own research on when your audience responds best.

  15. COVID has changed when people open their email.

  16. Keep track of your clients, keep doing A/B tests, so you can reach the most people.

  17. You can segment your email lists by location to account for time zones.

  18. 17 to 20 percent is a “good” open rate.

  19. Your own data supersedes any general rule. Make your own best practices.

  20. Look at the events that are going on around you, and adjust your practices in accordance with that.

  21. Ask yourself if an email with a “sell” in it, is wise at the time

  22. 2.76 percent is a GOOD click-through rate.

  23. Your click-through rate should improve if you don’t give too many options.

  24. Keep in mind your footers and email signatures also contain links.

  25. Keep the call to action in the body, very obvious. Having one CTA is the best practice.

  26. Over time, when you start to consolidate your list, you end up with the most quality database.

  27. Over time, your database gets organically cleansed as people unsubscribe.

  28. Over time, you want to see your open rates and click rates go up, and your unsubscribe rates go down.

  29. To find out your conversation rates, you can use Google Analytics

  30. The purchasing process for us in VO, becomes a 1 on 1 interaction. You have to manually track your conversions here.

  31. Having campaigns with very different objectives can increase your engagement. The more focused a campaign, the more useful the data.

  32. The spray and pray email does not work.

  33. The more targeted you can be with marketing, the voiceover services that you offer, the better returns you will get.

  34. Each genre of voiceover is purchased by a different type of person

  35. Everything that you do in your voiceover business, from performance to marketing must be targeted.

  36. Bounce rate is the “undeliverable emails”. Often the person no longer works for that company.

  37. If your email bounces, you can see where that client moved by looking at their LinkedIn, and contact them there.

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>> It’s time to take your business to the next level, the BOSS level! These are the premier business owner strategies and successes being utilized by the industry’s top talent today. Rock your business like a BOSS, a VO BOSS. Now let’s welcome your host Anne Ganguzza.

Anne: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with my special guest cohost and email maven, Pamela Muldoon. Oo Email Maven Muldoon.

Pamela: I was going to say, maven is a good word, right?

Anne: Email, Email Maven. Email Maven Muldoon. I love it. Email Maven Muldoon.

Pamela: It’s now my nickname.

Anne: Totally. It’s like Anne Gangoogle and Email Maven Muldoon.

[both laugh]

Pamela: That’s fantastic.

Anne: Speaking of email, Pamela.

Pamela: Yes, ma’am.

Anne: We’ve been talking about email marketing.

Pamela: We have.

Anne: It’s such a great topic. We actually probably ran a little long in our last conversation, and I wanted to actually continue the conversation, because there’s so much more to talk about. We were talking about how to improve engagement. We’ve discussed subject lines. We were talking about A-B testing.

Pamela: You know, I know we mentioned CTA last time, but I don’t know if we actually broke down what a CTA was.

Anne: Ah. That would be good –

Pamela: Just thought about that.

Anne: Yeah, let’s do that. Well let’s kind of review. First of all we have to grab our potential client’s attention through email marketing. And so our subject line, you were recommending between 40 and 50 character length.