Marketing: Email Marketing – Building Your Database

with Pamela Muldoon

Anne and Pamela continue their Content Marketing series, discussing the importance of email databases and building lists to distribute content. Find out the importance of providing valuable deliverables and content to your audience and how it can help grow your business.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Building a database is the number one most important part of marketing your business

  2. You OWN your database, it’s not a social media platform, it’s truly yours

  3. Email pop-ups from content marketing is the most compliant and successful way to build your database

  4. Have you ever provided your email address to register for a webinar or to get content? That’s how we build databases

  5. It’s important to provide valuable information to someone in order for someone to provide their email

  6. It’s not who has the longest content, but who has the most valuable

  7. If you understand what people value, they will give you your email address for that content

  8. Actionable, short-form items tend to be successful. Potential clients can opt-in with their email address, download the checklist, and take an action

  9. If your viewer doesn’t like what they get with the “lead-in”, they will unsubscribe

  10. “Join my newsletter” isn’t enough anymore, you need to give people more

  11. Building a database can reap exponential rewards for your business

  12. Make sure you have proof that a person “opted in” to your database

  13. For each of your websites, have an email sign up to help build my database

  14. Many plugins will give you a pop-up window to ask for client emails

  15. Your website is the equivalent of a “front door”. Your landing page is how you say “hello”.

  16. Use your homepage to provide content that people can download by giving their email address

  17. If you have people opting into your database, make sure they can also opt-out of it

  18. Sending an email from “gmail” is not the same as an Email Service Provider (ESP).

  19. Using these types of programs are built so emails can be compliant.

  20. When using an ESP, you pay based on the number of contacts

  21. LinkedIn can also be a tool for list building – just because you have their LinkedIn does not mean you can mass email someone

  22. Have a conversation with a LinkedIn contact and ask for permission to email them, or come to your website and opt-in

  23. Cold email without an “opt-in” can hurt your business

  24. Nurturing your database starts with being compliant

  25. Buying a list can also be done, but make sure you verify the validity of this list

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