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Know Your Worth

with Pilar Uribe

As a voice actor, you are often given the power (and burden) of setting your own rates. Now, where to begin? Anne & Pilar have been through taking low-paying gigs, walking away from jobs, and even getting their way in financial negotiations. It all comes down to knowing your worth. Tune in to learn how to navigate price setting, negotiating with clients, finding strength in community, and getting paid as much as you are worth like a #VOBOSS.

In this episode, Anne & Pilar give you tips on setting & negotiating rates as a voice actor by knowing the value of your work.

"Negotiation is a skill you should learn and practice to establish yourself as a professional." - Pilar Uribe

About Pilar Uribe

Pilar Uribe is a bilingual voice actor, telenovela star, and radio personality. Born and raised in New York City, she broke into show business with roles in Yo Soy Betty La Fea (Ugly Betty), Pobre Pablo, and El Cartel, filmed in Colombia and Miami. She recorded and produced for WLRN Miami-South Florida and now lives in Los Angeles, where she records voice over for television, radio, and films.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. There is no universal standard for rates in the VO industry. #VOBOSS

  2. It’s up to voice actors to determine what their rates are & how to negotiate. #VOBOSS

  3. Refer to baseline rate guides to build your pricing.

  4. Negotiating is nerve wracking but necessary. It’s all part of the game! #VOBOSS

  5. When negotiating, consult with peers to see what the going rates are for projects + what clients typically pay for similar jobs. #VOBOSS

  6. You are being hired for your performance + voice, not your experience. #VOBOSS

  7. Selling yourself short doesn’t do the industry any favors.

  8. Your website, demo, and other means of presenting yourself online are part of your worth. Make sure they align with you + the value you add to a project! #VOBOSS

  9. Don’t be afraid to say no to jobs that can’t pay your worth. #VOBOSS

  10. It’s not easy to stand up for yourself financially, but as a self-owned business, it is your job + responsibility!

"As a voice actor, I don't go on sale." - Anne

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