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It’s time for a good old fashioned Tech Talk with the Bosses! We know there are a lot of technophobes in voiceover, so The BOSSES want to ease your mind, and help you ease into the new era of voiceover. An era where technology can be (and is) your friend. Hear Anne wax poetically about all the benefits technology brings to mankind. Gabby…? She’s still trying to figure out how to work a toaster.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Technology is an essential part of your career, whether you’ve been brought up with it, or learned how to adopt it.

  2. The next generation of voiceover actors will be way, way, ahead of us technologically if we don’t keep up.

  3. Strive to be an early adopter of technology and predict the tech that will become standard.

  4. It benefits your business to remain technologically open minded.

  5. Robots are not going to take over the world!

  6. Voiceover’s big technological evolution is here in the form of online casting.

  7. Our work days are now completely dependent on technology like the internet.

  8. Too many actors still struggle with web technology and don’t have enough of an education regarding the internet.

  9. Grade school kids now know how to create internet code.

  10. You can find yourself in a frantic situation if you don’t have control of the primary functions of your website.

  11. Have access to your hosting, domain/registrar provider, and access to editing your site.

  12. Have back-ups in place that protect your sensitive technological data.

  13. Take classes at your local community college to learn more about the technology you are behind on.

  14. Technology (in large part) is a help, and a way to move your business forward.

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