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Career Planning & Goal Setting

with Leah Marks and Nic Redman

Do you have a vision board in your office? Because it may just help you achieve your goals. Anne and special guests Leah Marks & Nic Redman dive into what it takes to make your dreams a reality. The small steps, to-do lists, and simply articulating what your goals are can help you reverse-engineer your way to success. If that sounds overwhelming, do not fear Bosses! Leah & Nic co-authored The Voiceover Career Planner to help. It is part daily planner, part personal VO coach, featuring 52 experts offering weekly encouragement. Want to learn more? Keep on listening.

In this bonus episode, Anne is joined by special guests Leah Marks & Nic Redman to chat about daily and long term planning for success.
"When you've got your goal right in front of you, you're reminded that every single thing that you do is bringing you towards that end game." - Leah Marks

About Leah

Leah Marks is an actor and voiceover from the UK who produces the UK's most popular podcast for voice overs, VO Social and co-hosts it with Nic Redman.

About Nic

Nic is a voiceover artist, vocal coach and podcaster based in the UK. She provides voice, speech and communication training internationally to podcasters, actors, comedians, public speakers, business professionals via 1-2-1 sessions, workshops and retreats. Founder of Voice & Accent Hub group on Facebook, a 5000 strong community of fellow voice geeks, writes/hosts The Voice Coach Podcast & co-hosts the award winning Voiceover Social Podcast. Speaker and expert guest on all things voice.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Turn your to-dos into a schedule & long term plan. #VOBOSS

  2. Be sure you’re always doing something that puts you closer to your long-term goals. #VOBOSS

  3. Take what you want (goals, career, passion projects) and work backwards!

  4. Daily to-dos are the stepping stones to your big goals.

  5. Don’t brush past your achievements! #VOBOSS

  6. Writing down your goals + seeing them in your space will help remind you of what you can do daily to achieve them.

  7. Make a list of your personal & professional accomplishments. It will boost your confidence & set the foundation for your progression.

  8. The Voiceover Career Planner guides users through setting goals, helping you work out what your goals are, how they can be achievable + the different actions that you're going need in order to be able to get you there.

  9. The planner has weekly tips from 52 VO Industry experts to motivate & inspire you.

  10. Revisit your goals often to cement them into your daily flow. #VOBOSS

"I'm always looking for new ways to grow my business & adapt to how the industry is evolving." - Anne

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