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Bossing Through the Holidays

with Lau Lapides

It's the holidays! The time of year when we all get to relax, catch up on our tasks, and spend time with friends and family. But what if you've been so busy working that you didn't even realize it was the holidays? Or what if you're stuck in the booth and can't take a break? If you’re going to take time for the holidays, be sure to book out with agents & clients. This way you don’t have to worry about missing out on new business opportunities. For all the workaholics out there, the holidays can be a peaceful time to catch up on work. And don’t be afraid to take time away! You'll come back from this little vacation refreshed & ready to tackle anything the new year brings. And don't forget that this is a great time for planting seeds for 2023. Send out thank-you cards, small gifts, and mementos to those who have helped make 2022 amazing for you! Still feel like the holidays are a stressful time filled with family obligations, work commitments, and personal commitments that all need to be balanced? Don't worry: we've got some tips for how to BOSS through the season…

Anne & Lau discuss the holidays! It should be stress free, whether you're taking time to relax or working through the quieter days...

"Accept that there may be some down time during the holidays." - Lau

About Lau

Lau Lapides is Founder & President of Lau Lapides Company, a boutique coaching, training & production company for voice talent and actors. It has its headquarters in Boston with satellites in NYC, Miami and LA. Programs include hybrid online & in-person workshops, seminars, one-to-one personalized coaching, + showcases in NYC/LA and online. Lau’s media and broadcasting career coaches all work in television, film, radio and theatre. Their voices can be heard around the world.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Balance the holidays with work, family, and personal commitments. #VOBOSS

  2. For advertisers, the holidays start early. Months early! #VOBOSS

  3. If you’re going to take time for the holidays, be sure to book out with agents & clients.

  4. For all the workaholics out there, the holidays can be a peaceful time to catch up on work undisturbed.

  5. If you’re going to work hard, play (and relax) hard. #VOBOSS

  6. Don’t be afraid to take time away. You will return to work better than before.

  7. Take time to send out thank you’s or gifts to plant seeds for the upcoming year. #VOBOSS

  8. Lean away from branded gift giving & into meaningful, simple, and even homemade gifts.

  9. Do not worry about being slow during the holidays. It’s normal!

  10. Take some time to set goals & get inspired for the new year to come. #VOBOSS

"There is an ebb & flow to business when you’re a freelancer, and that’s ok." - Anne

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