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The Psychology of Your Voice

with Lau Lapides

Everyone's got Imposter Syndrome. But it doesn't mean you're a fraud. In this episode, Anne & Lau dive into why we are so attached to the sound of our voice and how fixating on that can be a barrier to success. Voice is an essential part of how we are perceived, which affects our personal and professional lives. When you listen to yourself critically, it's easy to get lost in technical details. Your voice is your greatest tool, so stop doubting it. It is an instrument and the vehicle for your craft. So Bosses, love your voice. Embrace it. And if you still need some extra pointers to overcome your inner critic and use your voice to the fullest, listen up…

Anne & Lau dive into imposter syndrome, learning to love the sound of your voice + pushing past your inner critic to cultivate success.

"Psychologically, you have to be ok with living in the world of imperfections and mistakes." - Lau

About Lau

Lau Lapides is Founder & President of Lau Lapides Company, a boutique coaching, training & production company for voice talent and actors. It has its headquarters in Boston with satellites in NYC, Miami and LA. Programs include hybrid online & in-person workshops, seminars, one-to-one personalized coaching, + showcases in NYC/LA and online. Lau’s media and broadcasting career coaches all work in television, film, radio and theatre. Their voices can be heard around the world.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Stop coveting other people’s voices. #VOBOSS

  2. Embrace your voice. It is your product! #VOBOSS

  3. Spending too much time analyzing your technical voice can be a barrier to unlocking your performance potential.

  4. Try recording with headphones off to make an authentic connection to your copy without criticizing your own voice.

  5. It’s not about your voice, it is about you and what you bring to a performance. #VOBOSS

  6. Don’t devalue the content you’re speaking of by doubting your abilities & voice.

  7. A lack of self esteem will appear in your professional life until you address the emotions behind it.

  8. Your voice is not separate from your being. Your intelligence, ideas, talent, and what you want to use your voice to convey are interconnected.

  9. When voicing a project, your job is to honor the copy, product, and client. #VOBOSS

  10. You have to learn to be ok with imperfections and mistakes. #VOBOSS

"Embrace your voice." - Anne

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