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BOSS Productivity

with Laya Hoffman

Bosses, your time is money - don’t waste a second of it! Anne and Laya dive deep into all the things that keep their VO businesses on track every day. From adding personal time to the calendar to automating follow-up emails, you’ll want to try it all. Learn how to maximize your scheduling and automation game with simple tools and templates, plus how to enhance your social media presence with perfect timing. Get hours of your valuable time back + put it to work for your business with these great BOSS tips.

In this episode, Anne & Laya give you all the tips, tricks, and programs they use so you can make the most of your time like a #VOBOSS!

"Let's work smarter, not harder." - Laya Hoffman

About Laya Hoffman

Laya Hoffman is an Atlanta based Voice Actor & Podcaster with over 20 years on the mic, specializing in Commercial, Corporate, Promos, and other short form audio projects for forward thinking brands like BMW, Google, Amazon, AAA, Kind Snacks, HBO, ESPN & hundreds more. A former Marketing Exec, Nightclub DJ, and Creative Agency Lead, Laya brings a modern minded approach to her voice work. She is the producer of the She Sounds Like Me Podcast, which she co-hosts with her 8 year old daughter Cyla. Laya is on a mission to advocate for equality, ensuring that all women know they can stand up, speak out and be heard.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Make a daily checklist to put your ideas + tasks into perspective. #VOBOSS

  2. Check social media at the start and end of the day to maximize peak engagement hours #VOBOSS

  3. Before you send something out, think of how someone will feel when they read it + use that to inform your posting choices #VOBOSS

  4. Turn off your notifications during work hours to stay focused. #VOBOSS

  5. Create templates of commonly-sent emails. With the time you saved, personalize them before sending! #VOBOSS

  6. Block out time on your calendar for things you need to do for your business + yourself!

  7. Have a share-able calendar to send to clients + agents for booking #VOBOSS

  8. Letting clients book time with you makes you look both professional + in demand. #VOBOSS

  9. Automate follow ups with clients to keep the connection and make sure no one slips through the cracks #VOBOSS

  10. Schedule your social media posts ahead of time so that your time on each app is spent engaging #VOBOSS

"I've stressed about social media engagement, but now I'm okay with being unavailable to stay productive."- Anne

Referenced in this Episode

Direct links to things we brought up ++

Create your own shorthand with Type 4 Me
Using an iphone? Maximize your Focus Time settings
Schedule your time with Calendly or Google Calendar
Schedule your social posts with Later or Post Planner
Create gorgeous designs easily in Canva or Headliner
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