BOSS Mindset: Polarity

You know what Bosses? 2020 can s*#k it! We’re going through a tough time, but pain and vulnerability can lead to joy and happiness. This week, Anne and Pam discuss the Law of Polarity which states everything has a polar opposite. Listen for tips on coming out on the other side with a renewed sense of purpose and ready to move your business forward. Let go of the past and tap into your potential for success. Thrive like a #VOBOSS!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. When there is no clear end to a situation, and we can’t control it, it can cause a lot of anxiety

  2. The Law of Polarity states that everything has a polar opposite. Pain and vulnerability have the ability to bring joy and happiness into your life

  3. If you’ve felt darkness and true pain – then you know the opposite is true joy

  4. You have to remember that if this is pain, it’s going to get better

  5. When you’re feeling extreme pain, you can say “I cannot wait until I experience the polar opposite of this.”

  6. Release that which isn’t serving you

  7. Release that which you can’t control

  8. To release the pain, you have to expand on it, be it talking or journaling. It’s a therapeutic process

  9. It’s ok to not be ok, that’s part of the journey. There will be joy on the other side

  10. The attitude you take when you confront what is not serving you, or what you can’t control, can truly change your life

  11. Focus on what you can control, and release what you can’t, and you will truly find positive forward momentum

  12. Reach out to other people, be it friends, coworkers, or a doctor. They will help get you through

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>> It’s time to take your business to the next level, the BOSS level! These are the premiere Business Owner Strategies and Successes being utilized by the industry’s top talent today. Rock your business like a boss, a VO BOSS! Now let’s welcome your host, Anne Ganguzza.

Anne: Hey everyone, welcome to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, and I’m here with my amazing, special guest co-host of the universal laws that we’ve been talking about —

Pamela: The Universal Law of Co-Hosting, she never goes away. [laughs]

Anne: There you go — no, I like the Universal Law of Co-Hosting is that it brings you these gifts that are amazing and unexpected and wonderful to help grow you personal growth as well as your business growth. That would be Pamela Muldoon.

Pamela: Aww, that’s nice. Oh my goodness, Anne!

Anne: It’s true!

Pamela: Aww.

Anne: It’s true.

Pamela: I’m gonna — I think that’s a little tear you guys are hearing roll down my cheek.

Anne: Aww.

Pamela: [laughs]

Anne: But no, seriously, it’s true. I’ve really enjoyed our discussions on the universal laws, and there’s another one that, after going through kind of a tumultuous time —

Pamela: Yes. Like, what did we say, 2020 can suck it? [laughs]

Anne: Yeah, 2020… I think, and I’m gonna come right straight forward and just say my husband has recovered from Covid, and that was a very dark time for me. And I have a few instances in my personal life that have been dark times for me, where you’re at a point where you just, you know, what do you do? And I know people feel like, with this pandemic, like how are we gonna get out of it? I know there’s lots of helplessness, fear, panic, and I’d like to try to bring to the forefront what I learned from going through, you know, my husband. I didn’t know. I mean it’s one of those things when you watch somebody you love be very sick, and you just don’t know what’s gonna happen, how is it gonna turn? And I think that for your own sanity, otherwise —

Pamela: Right.

Anne: Otherwise you’re not a help to the situation. I think there’s a law. I think there’s a law about this —

Pamela: There is.

Anne: — a universal law.

Pamela: [laughs] Yeah, the law of polarity. It’s one, you know, I think what you’re sharing — you know, we’re going to talk specifically about Jerry, who thank goodness is doing much better, right?

Anne: Yes. By the way, I want everybody to know that thankfully he recovered. Yes.

Pamela: I think a challenge we have with all of this in terms of Covid and a lot of different kind of ramifications of that, is there’s no bookend, right? There’s no clear end, and so there’s a lot of things we can’t control, which also brings anxiety to the table, right? It’s just this idea of we can’t control certain things. But law of polarity is one that I really embrace myself as well. It’s probably 10, 12 years ago, and it’s this idea that everything has a polar opposite, right? So this anxiety, this pain, this darkness that you’re feeling has the ability to bring the opposite into your life, which is amazing light, amazing happiness, right, that you can’t have one —

Anne: And joy.

Pamela: — without the other, absolutely. So I think it’s a really interesting law to talk about, because my guess is you’re not alone, right? We’ve all — I think anyone, if you’re listening, you’ve been through some stuff, right? We’ve all experienced something that really was challenging. It could be a financial challenge, it could be an emotional challenge, it could be a combination of those things.

Anne: A business challenge.

Pamela: A business challenge. Health challenge, like you’re talking about here with Jerry —

Anne: Yup.

Pamela: And I know you’ve experienced your own health challenges, right, Anne, as well?

Anne: I, you know, I just want to interject, and I don’t want this to be all about health —

Pamela: Yeah.

Anne: But this is, this actually, it parallels many other, any other thing that you can compare it too, like you said, business, personal. When I was diagnosed, I remember in the middle of my diagnosis for cancer, I remember very clearly, right, being at that kind of crazy time where I was terrified, terrified I had just gotten the diagnosis. I was waiting to hear from my doctor on a biopsy. And basically if this biopsy was cancerous, then I was going to have one decision, and if it wasn’t, there was going to be a different decision. And I remember very, very clearly my doctor saying to me on the phone — he had to tell me over the phone — that it was the one decision; it was cancerous. And he said, “look, I just want you to know, right now, you’re at ground zero. And a couple of years from now, when you’re on the other side of it” — right there was the projection of “when you’re on the other side of it” — “you’re going to be okay, and you’re going to be better for this, and you’ll be healthy for this.” And he said, “but right now, at ground zero, I have to do what is best for you and give you this diagnosis as well as what I recommend for your course of treatment.” And I’ll never forget, like I was like, literally on the phone in tears while he was saying “you’re at ground zero, and when you come out of this a couple years from now, you’re going to be okay. You’re going to be better than okay.”

Pamela: Yeah.

Anne: And that really, really stuck with me. And then that I believe is the law of polarity. And I will tell you honestly on the other side of it, when I talk to people about it, I have actually seen so many good things since I’ve gone through it.

Pamela: Yeah.

Anne: And it’s amazing. It’s really an amazing story that I have the experiences to draw from, and now I have the extreme polar opposite of how I was feeling that day in terms of how I live my life now. Because I live my life [laughs] right? And not anything but. [laughs]

Pamela: There’s something in that, right? Like there’s a couple of things that, as you share in your experience that I just want the audience to kind of really, really tune in on: that these opportunities — and I do consider them opportunities — they suck sometimes. It’s just, if you’ve felt that kind of darkness or unfortunate stuff, you know it’s pain. It’s true pain. But if the polar opposite is joy, or positive reaction versus negative reaction, right, up/down, you know, whatever that opposite is, when you get there, when you embrace that this is low, but it’s gonna be better —

Anne: And you have to. Yup.

Pamela: You have to. You have to, and that’s probably the harder part, right? I mean, we’re not saying this is something, boom, you blink your eyes like Bewitched and — yes, I dated myself. [laughs] — and all of a sudden things are better. But I will tell you, when you do know this law, or you know that it exists, the opportunity — oh, I’m getting those goosebumps again, Anne — the opportunity is that when you’re feeling that much pain is to say “I cannot wait until I experience my polar opposite, because it’s gonna be so amazing.”

Anne: Well, exactly.

Pamela: And it helps you release that which isn’t serving you, which we’ve also talked about. Like you said, now you’re a healthier person, but you also see through a different lens. You create the work with your clients through that lens. The gifts that come from that, right?

Anne: Yes, it’s affected every aspect of my life, not just my health, but my personal, you know, the way I look at my life, the way I live my life with just joy. It made my decision. I always wanted to be joyful, but it really cemented my decision to always maneuver my personal and business life to a place of whatever it is that brings me joy. And if it doesn’t, then I release it. And that is even more so now in my business and in my voiceover business, which I love because I now trust my instincts for that, because —

Pamela: Yes.

Anne: — it has served me so well.