BOSS Audio: The Science of Soundproofing

What do a catcher’s mitt and a good sounding studio have in common? Anne Ganguzza and VO Tech Guru Tim Tippets discuss the Science of Soundproofing! Sound is energy in the form of vibrations. Stopping these vibrations before they hit your microphone is one step in helping you produce great audio that is necessary to move your business forward. Listen and learn the science, materials, means, and methods to use to achieve BOSS Audio!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode

  1. When building a booth, it’s about mitigation of noise, a.k.a. soundproofing

  2. When Anne hired Tim to build her booth, she wanted it in the noisiest part of the house

  3. Tim knew that with a combination of construction materials and again the means and methods that we were going to use, that the job was going to get done

  4. Acoustics is the response of your space

  5. Soundproofing is done in response to noise on the outside of your space trying to get in

  6. This is your career on the line, and you need to bring the best that you possibly can to the table for your clients

  7. When you do have proper soundproofing as well as proper acoustics, your confidence level goes way up, because you are not worried about your sound quality

  8. You can be more vulnerable and real with a character read when you’re not worried about your sound quality

  9. During the time of COVID, having a quality home studio is more important than ever

  10. A lot of us are producing better audio at home than we’re getting from brick-and-mortar studios

  11. Sound is energy in the form of vibration

  12. If Sound allowed to hit a structure and then vibrate that structure, those vibrations will travel through the structure and into whatever space you’re in

  13. There are sciences, and materials, and means, and methods we can use to really disconnect a space from the space within in order to eliminate a lot of noise with very little mass.

  14. Building a soundproof booth is about stopping vibrations from bounding back, using materials to absorb the sound, just like a catcher’s mitt absorbs a baseball

  15. It’s the reason why 100 mile-per-hour fastball does not break a catcher’s hand. It’s the exact reason why. Is mass the answer, yes. Is science the answer, yes. Are materials the answer, yes. And is mechanical isolation the answer, yes. It’s a combination of all of these things.

  16. At the end of the day, you want to try to find the quietest place you can in your home. Make sure it’s acoustically sound, then just go for it.

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