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Special Guest: Rob Sciglimpaglia

How many hats does this guy wear?!?!? This week, Anne and Gabby sit down with Rob Sciglimpaglia, coach, author, voice actor, actor, director, producer AND attorney! With a 27-year law career, Rob brings some much needed clarity to the legal side of VO. He clears up some common misconceptions, breaks down the differences and benefits between corporations and spells out what could happen to YOU legally as a voice actor.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. If you start a business, protect yourself with an LLC!

  2. Be wary of “in perpetuity” clauses.

  3. Make sure you lay out all usage details in emails to clients.

  4. Anything that happens AFTER a voiceover arrangement is NOT enforceable.

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Rob’s Book, Voiceover Legal
Rob’s Website:
Rob’s Phone Number: 203-663-2803
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