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Video Games with Ian Russell

A Versatile Voice Actor with Global Reach

Anne is joined by special guest, Ian Russell, a multi-award-winning voice actor. They discuss his career in the voice over industry, including his journey to success. They talk about the importance of social media and authenticity in character creation. He advises aspiring voiceover actors to be careful not to violate non-disclosure agreements and to use social media to support their profiles. Anne and Ian also discuss the importance of respecting specified ethnicities and the limitations of casting notices. They highlight that authenticity and believability are essential in video game casting, and that having an acting background is a serious advantage. Tune in to hear the full conversation...

Anne & Ian discuss his journey in the voice over industry, share advice for aspiring actors + tips for success in video game casting.

"Believe in yourself and your unique take on a character." - Ian

About Ian

Offering a distinct, dynamic vocal presence and professional demeanor, Ian Russell is a seasoned voice actor with a global audience. His voiceover skills have been featured on TV, in cinema and video games, on radio and as an audiobook narrator. Ian’s warm, international tones are the perfect fit for corporate narration, eLearning, wildlife documentary, internet explainer or promo projects, and his video game voiceover is exceptional. He’s got the energy needed for character work, and provides imaginative animated voices for cartoons, apps and TV promos.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Keep going and don't give up, as success may come after years of hard work.

  2. Use social media to help support your profile as a voiceover performer, but be careful not to say anything to violate non-disclosure agreements.

  3. Authenticity and believability are essential in video game casting.

  4. Having an acting background is an advantage in video game voice over.

  5. Testimonials & awards can be useful in establishing a voice actor's credentials.

  6. Respect specified ethnicities and the limitations of casting notices that may not accurately reflect the character in the script.

  7. Voiceover work can start with a pre-recorded interview, a voiceover introduction course, and online casting websites.

  8. Pursue different genres, such as explainers, corporate, and e-learning, to gain experience.

  9. Video game voiceover performers can use social media to promote their work.

  10. Indie game casting directors may not have the same level of experience as those casting for commercials.

"Don't be afraid to put yourself out there, even for things you don't think you're good at." - Anne

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