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Comet Casino

with Scott and Miranda Parkin

Ever wanted to know what it takes to create a TV pilot? In this special episode, Anne is joined by Scott & Miranda Parkin to discuss Comet Casino. Comet Casino is a story centered around found family. It talks about those relationships & friendships that grow so near and dear that they feel like family. Scott & Miranda voice two of the characters, but were heavily involved in the creation of the show. From planning out the story to animating, Miranda was in charge and excited about this mid-century modern tale. After two years, the pilot episode is ready & shipped out to all the right people. So what’s next for the duo? There may be more planning, creating, and meeting taking in their future…but you have to listen up to hear the whole story.

Anne chats with father-daughter duo Scott & Miranda Parkin to discuss the process creating & pitching their pilot, Comet Casino.

"This project already feels successful, and I’m excited to get my art in front of more people." - Miranda

About Scott

Scott Parkin is a commercial and voice actor. He's a Pisces who watches TV a lot, likes long walks on the beach and in the mountains (mostly because he doesn't have a car). He coaches voiceover, on-camera acting, and improv to kids & adults via Zoom. He’s also allergic to math!

About Miranda

Miranda Parkin is a 20 year old VO artist who has been working in Voiceover since age 5. Commercially, she is excellent at improvisation and the conversational read. She also excels in dialect and character work for animation, and she has a great ear for matching voices. Miranda is also a singer/songwriter. She has also been drawing since she was a little kid. She is focused on making a style of her own. She does a lot of fanart, but also loves

animation & character design, designing many characters & backgrounds of her own. At the moment, she’s studying animation at Santa Monica College. Drawing is something she’s always done, whether in the margins or on canvas, so it’s become a big part of her life and she hopes it makes you happy!

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Scott & Miranda often pitched story ideas to each other, but Comet Casino really excited them both.

  2. Comet Casino centers around the idea of found family created by the casino.

  3. Almost all of the project is Miranda’s vision. They worked to create the animations, craft the characters, and hone in on the story.

  4. The voiceover was recorded at Soundbox in LA.

  5. The project came to life in collaboration with writers, animators, music composers, and voice actors in their network.

  6. You never know who is going to hire you and who is going to be part of your story.

  7. Thanks to the 90 second trailer, Scott & Miranda Parkin are now represented by APA.

  8. Instead of waiting for your dream project to appear, create it.

  9. Even with a project in progress, keep going and working on other ideas & projects.

  10. Be kind to everyone. It doesn’t cost you anything, and may help you down the road.

"Networking is an essential part of success." - Anne

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