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To Brand or Not To Brand

In this episode, Anne Ganguzza and Tom Dheere dissect the key components of building a robust online presence. From identifying customer pain points to harnessing the power of color psychology in your website design, The BOSSES explore what it takes to convey competence and reliability. They also delve into the subtle yet vital aspects of maintaining an easy-to-navigate, professional website that establishes credibility and trust. Learn how consistent visual cues and coherent storytelling can make or break your brand's effectiveness in today's competitive market. Finally, The BOSSES tackle the nuances of maintaining a consistent brand across social media platforms. They underscore the importance of professionalism and how off-brand or controversial content can jeopardize client relationships.

In this episode, we give you actionable advice to elevate your voice-acting brand to the next level!

Chapter Summaries

(00:01) The Importance of Voice Actor Branding

Branding for voice actors has evolved with the rise of online platforms, but remains crucial for direct marketing and online presence.

(11:32) Building a Strong Brand Online

The importance of branding, website credibility, and consistency.

(15:47) Importance of Branding in Voice Acting

Consistent branding on websites and social media is crucial for voice actors to maintain credibility and professionalism.

(21:19) Importance of Branding in Voiceover

Branding is crucial for voice actors, especially public figures, to manage their online presence and maintain a professional reputation.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

1. Personal branding is essential for voice actors, especially in the age of online platforms like Fiverr and Upwork,

where traditional roles of agents and managers are shifting towards the individual's responsibility to stand out.

2. A professional and trustworthy website design, utilizing color psychology and an easy-to-navigate layout, can

significantly enhance a voice actor's credibility and trustworthiness, contributing to their overall brand


3. Consistent visual cues and coherent storytelling across all marketing materials and online presence, including

social media, are crucial in establishing a strong and recognizable brand.

4. Voice actors need to maintain professionalism on social media to prevent off-brand or controversial content

from damaging potential client relationships and undermining their brand.

5. The role of a coach can be pivotal in helping voice actors discover and develop their unique vocal brand, which is

a vital component of their overall branding strategy.

6. Branding challenges differ for public figures in the voice acting industry, such as those involved in cartoons,

video games, and audiobooks, who must manage their online and in-person presence more carefully due to

increased visibility and public interaction.

7. Newcomers to the voice acting industry should focus on gaining experience and understanding what types of work they can book before investing heavily in branding efforts.

8. Branding is not only about visual identity, such as logos and color schemes, but also encompasses the personal and business reputation, personality, and the quality of interactions with clients.

9. Strategic partnerships and leveraging the brands of recognizable projects or characters can enhance a voice

actor's credibility and aid in their branding.

10. Evolving views on branding suggest that while it remains an important aspect of a voice actor's career, its

necessity and approach may vary based on the individual's goals, market presence, and the specific avenues

through which they secure voice acting work.

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