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Special Guest: Roy Yokelson

Got sound quality questions? Fugettaboutit. Uncle Roy’s got you!

Anne’s got Jersey roots, Gabby’s originally from New York and via ipDTL we were able to cross the tunnel and join Roy Yokelson, Antland Productions and studio tech extraordinaire. So sit back, grab a slice (or a bagel) and learn about microphones, processing, and ways to improve your sound. This Episode will help your recordings faster than you can tell a cabby to step on it.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. When you send in an audition, casting directors are looking for two things: your performance, and your audio quality.

  2. Your home studio MUST be broadcast quality. You need a treated room, quality equipment.

  3. If need be, hire an engineer to assess your sound quality and make sure your room is properly treated.

  4. High pass filters can help you eliminate room noise. After applying this filter then normalize to -3!

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Roy’s Website: Antland Productions