Special Guest: Lisa Biggs

“Say hello to her little voice!” The ever-inspiring hardest working woman in VO is here to share her insights with us! Anne and Gabby sit down with Lisa Biggs, voice talent, coach, producer, casting director, conference leader and all-around boss lady! Lisa goes into how she got started in VO, what it was like growing up with her unique voice, how she’s grown her business, and ways you lady voices can stay connected and empower each other!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Don’t let your childhood kill your dreams

  2. Use your experiences to drive your business

  3. Empower others

  4. Voxy Summit – A Conference for women in voiceover

  5. If you’re a woman in voiceover, you’re a voxy lady

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VO: Today’s voiceover talent is more than just a pretty voice. Today’s voiceover talent has to be a boss. A VO B.O.S.S. Set yourself up with business owner’s strategies and success. With your host, Anne Ganguzza. Along with some of the strongest voices in our industry. Rock your business. Like a boss. A VO B.O.S.S.

Anne: Hey, guys. Before we get started on today’s episode, we wanna share some B.O.S.S. solutions. And some of the ways you can have more B.O.S.S. in your life.

Gabby: Oh, come on. You can never have too much B.O.S.S. my little entrepre-nerds!

Anne: Entrepre-nerds. I love that! Did you think of that all by yourself?

Gabby: No. Not at all. No. I kinda barrowed that.

Anne: We have a brand new product in our B.O.S.S. shop called Book-Out Build. I’m super excited about this concept. Gabby, tell us a little about this.

Gabby: Oh my gosh! So, this is my baby, if I can, my little brain child. Right? This is how I communicate with my clients every single month to make sure that I’m providing them with relevant information that they can actually use, and so that I’m not just, you know, spamming them or sending them something really annoying, right? ‘Cause we all have to worry about that. And of course, you and our fabulous B.O.S.S. team kinda took this ball and ran with it. And we’re offering it to EVERYONE now. And these are Book-Out Builds. So with a Book-Out Build, what you’re able to do is setup a system whereby you can communicate with clients on a regular basis about the number one thing they want to know about you: Your availability and book-out dates in the studio.

Anne: Great stuff! And, as Gabby said, you can do this on a monthly basis or a quarterly basis. So you can choose the frequency. What’s really cool is that we incorporate your own list. And we manage it and send out the marketing blast, on your behalf, all in your own brand.

Gabby: You wanna go to voboss.com, click on shop, and go check out the Book-Out Build and Book-Out Blast features.

Anne: Okay now, let’s get on with today’s episode. Welcome, everybody, to the VO B.O.S.S. Podcast! I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with my beautiful co-host, Gabby Nistico. Gabby, we have been trying for so long to get this next guest. Oh my goodness, like, she–

Gabby: The hardest working woman in voiceover! Right?

Anne: Oh my gosh. And probably one of the busiest lady bosses in the industry. I’m telling you. So excited to have with us today, the one and only, she’s a voice talent, a coach, a producer, I swear to God she casts, she does everything. She’s a conference–what do we call that?

Gabby: Leader. I don’t know, what do we call that? Yeah.