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Special Guest: Kelly Stevens

Don’t know Kelly Stevens?  Sure ya do! He’s the Master of the VO Power Nap – and our VO BOSS imaging voice!  Let’s meet the man behind the mic.  Charming, charismatic and funny. As a radio personality, these attributes made Kelly Stevens successful.  Now we explore how Kelly is incorporating these traits into his voiceover career.

Learn how this former radio man deals with the daily challenges of VO Life and brings his authentic self (depreciating) humor and broadcast background to the booth.  This episode has yielded some of Anne and Gabby’s most favorite outtakes to date! Now – about that nap…


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. You can’t just step in to voiceover and expect to make a living at it right away.

  2. Working in radio will not necessarily help you succeed in your voiceover career.

  3. Don’t take yourself too seriously! It’s a tough business. Always be able to laugh at yourself.

  4. Take classes and learn what you can about voiceover while working at your day job, be it in radio, or any other industry.

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