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Special Guest: Rodney Saulsberry

Ready? Take a DEEP breath! Go! Why in the world would a whale want water? When a whale wants water will a well run dry? Why in the world would a wet whale want wet water? Will a wet whale want wet water when a wet well runs dry? Phew!

Rodney is not only a voice actor, but an author, coach, singer, AND actor! Plus, he’s known for some amazing tongue twisters and he even put them in a book! Join Anne and Gabby as they talk with Rodney about his musical theater background, singing techniques he uses in voiceover, some of his VO business and social media insights and how to make money while you’re sleeping!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. You are running a business in which you are the CEO!

  2. Tongue Twisters are a great way to warm up for auditions or jobs.

  3. You can give back to others in the industry and this comes with a great sense of responsibility.

  4. YOU are your brand! Your business is a reflection of you and your talent!

Referenced in this Episode

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