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Special Guest - Heidi Rew

Anne welcomes Heidi Rew, commercial voice actor and co-founder of Atlanta VoiceOver Studio. Heidi shares her journey from radio to voiceover and offers insights on booking jobs and finding success in the industry. The BOSSES emphasize the importance of perseverance and training, highlighting their own experience of steady climbs in the industry. They also discuss the qualities of a good coach and the value of personalized instruction. They advise newcomers to discover their unique voice and niche through training and collecting feedback. The BOSSES share their thoughts on overcoming self-doubt and the importance of perseverance in the voice acting industry. They emphasize the need to uncover personal insecurities and fears in order to succeed in business The BOSSES also discuss the importance of demos, online presence, and easy accessibility for potential clients. In this episode, Anne and Heidi discuss how to find your voice and paths to continued voiceover success

About Heidi Rew

Heidi started her career on-air in radio but was introduced to voice over by her co-worker, eventually turned husband. Mainly a commercial voice actor, Heidi has voiced national TV commercials for Jiffy Lube, Secrets Resorts, Redfin, Kohls, Danimals, and Baker's Chocolate. Almost 8 years ago, Heidi and her husband Mike Stoudt started Atlanta Voiceover Studio, a training and recording studio.

Chapter Summaries

(00:04) Community Support

Heidi Rew's transition from radio to voiceover, Atlanta Voice Over Studio, and the value of community and support for voice actors.

(09:36) Navigating Voice Over Industry and Business

Identifying your niche, developing vocal qualities, receiving feedback, self-direction, networking, and building relationships for a sustainable voiceover business.

(14:42) Building Sustainable Success in Voiceover

Perseverance and self-awareness are crucial for long-term success in voice acting, along with practical tools like CRMs for client management.

(24:11) Importance of Demos and Online Presence

Voice actors must be prepared with an online presence, including demos and accessible contact information

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

1. Career Transition and Resilience:- Heidi Rue’s journey from a successful radio career to the competitive world of voiceover demonstrates the resilience required to pivot careers and find success in a new field.

2. VO Boss Blast Service:- Heidi discusses the VO Boss Blast service, which aims to help voice actors streamline their marketing efforts. This service provides targeted client lists and branded marketing campaigns, freeing voice actors to focus on their craft.

3. Training and Feedback Importance:- The episode emphasizes the significance of training and receiving feedback in the voiceover industry. Heidi credits much of her success to the continuous improvement of her skills through training.

4. Atlanta Voice Over Studio:- Heidi and her husband started the Atlanta Voice Over Studio to build a supportive community for voice actors. The studio offers a variety of courses and resources, including a Beginner Voice Over Intensive course, to help voice actors at different stages of their careers.

5. Unique Vocal Qualities:- For newcomers, identifying their unique vocal qualities is crucial. Heidi stresses the importance of understanding one’s strengths through feedback and training, which can help carve out a niche in the industry.

6. Sustainability and Perseverance:- The episode draws a parallel between the growth of bamboo and building a sustainable voiceover career. It highlights that establishing a strong foundation and pushing through challenging times are key to long-term success.

7. Self-Awareness and Personal Growth:- Heidi discusses the role of self-awareness in overcoming personal obstacles that can hinder business growth. She shares that recognizing and addressing one's insecurities and fears is vital for a thriving career.

8. Commercial Demo Preparation:- Being fully prepared before creating a commercial demo is essential. A well-prepared demo showcases an actor's readiness and ability, acting as a critical tool in securing jobs.

9. Online Presence:- Maintaining an online presence is indispensable for voice actors. Having a website and active social media profiles makes it easier for potential clients to find and contact them, which can prevent lost opportunities.

10. Future Plans for Atlanta Voice Over Studio:- The episode touches on the potential changes for Atlanta Voice Over Studio, including a possible move due to the expiration of their current lease. Heidi and her husband are considering adjustments to ensure the studio's continued growth and sustainability. These takeaways provide a comprehensive summary of the insights and valuable information shared in the episode.

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