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BOSS Blast

A BOSS Blast is a branded and targeted email campaign sent to a customized group of potential clients in your desired market. Your blast list is guaranteed to contain no less than 400 prospective clients* who have opted in to an extensive creative buyer database of over 90K+ creatives.


Select one general region (included in price) or add more to expand your blast radius any time within a year after purchase. Send to top-tier regions like California & New York,  choose general regions like Midwest, Southeast, Northeast, and West-Southwest, or blast to All Regions at once!


We'll create your designs and marketing concept around the look and feel you've already established online, and any audio/video links included will point directly toward your website. Replies from your BOSS BLAST will be sent directly to your email address – all communication with prospective clients will be managed by you.


* Please note that list size will vary based on your selected blast region and targeted market types. In the event your customized market list results in less than 400 contacts, additional locations will be added.


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BOSS Blast