BOSS Mindset – Is it OK to Say No to Work?

Voice, Voice…pass! Sound familiar? It should. Most voiceover actors pass on jobs pretty regularly. The reasons why are plentiful, but the emotional toll of doing so can be even greater. Today’s VOBoss podcast is all about the passing process. Why we do it and why it’s OK to do it. Give it a listen and feel free to ‘pass it on’ to one of your VO friends!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Passing on work is normal. Most voiceover actors do it.

  2. It can seem or feel wrong – but that’s usually in our heads.

  3. Go with your gut. If a client seems like a pain, they probably will be.

  4. If communications are lacking or you feel that they don’t respect your work, it’s probably wise to pass.

  5. Otherwise they can become really cumbersome clients.

  6. You should not take a job out of guilt of feel guilty about passing on a job.

  7. You are not giving up an opportunity if the ‘opportunity’ was sub-par to being with.

  8. Don’t let a client bribe you with the possibility of more work.

  9. It only takes on time to say no.

  10. Focus your time and efforts on better opportunities or your own lead.

  11. Fear should not be a ruler of your business decisions.

  12. Beginners are afraid to say no because they think they will never get another job or experience.

  13. You have invested in your studio, and your career and you are worth a fair rate of pay.

  14. Put your effort and time into clients that see and respect your worth and value.

  15. There’s respect and pride in what you do and that goes both ways.

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>> Today’s voiceover talent is more than just a pretty voice.

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>> Today’s voiceover talent has to be a BOSS.

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