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How’s my demo? Will you listen to my demo? Is my demo good? Got 50,000 demo questions? The Bosses have got your answers. Take the stress out of the demo process with a calculated, business-minded approach to these all-important audio nuggets. Whether you are making your first or your 50th demo, Anne and Gabby offer practical advice and the inside track to ensure all your demos are solid gold.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Demos are your calling-card

  2. They can and should be refreshed and changed as time goes on

  3. The creation of any demo should come with a plan and a specific purpose/motivation

  4. If your current demo doesn’t have a story behind it, you may have made the demo too soon

  5. You should ask many questions of your coaches and demo producers regarding the creation process

  6. Every genre of client has different demo needs – the market is very segmented

  7. Target the needs of a specific buyer when creating any demo

  8. Voiceover Veterans have 10 or more demos created over time

  9. Don’t make a demo that is too trendy, observe new genres and see if they last first

  10. Know the level of difficulty involved in the production of a demo

  11. A great demo is current and relevant

  12. If you ask someone who creates demos to critique your demo, they will have an opinion

  13. Demos are very subjective and you must find objectivity in demo feedback

  14. Script selection is paramount to a great demo – generic doesn’t cut it

  15. Don’t choose copy from an online copy database

  16. Too much variety can be a negative in a demo

  17. Conversational is what’s being hired and should be well represented in your demo

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