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Milli Vanilli blamed it on the rain. The Jackson 5 blamed it on the boogie. Jamie Foxx blamed in on the alcohol, and Calvin Harris blamed the night.  But voice actors…blame failure on The Economy. Are you? How big a role does the economy really play? Bosses don’t make excuses, we make changes! Anne and Gabby show you how to navigate the economic changes that can affect voiceover actors. The music industry did…so can you!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Don’t play the Blame Game

  2. You can grow your business in any economy if you have a product people find value in

  3. When the economy does take a dive, advertising budgets get cut

  4. Know what stays and what goes ahead of your budget being cut

  5. Untrained, unqualified people will never weather an economic climate change

  6. When times are bad, it’s time to work on your business skills not necessarily performance skills

  7. Refusal to accept technology will hold you back

  8. Mind your business to keep your store healthy

  9. The people who are succeeding, aren’t the ones complaining

  10. Know when it’s time change strategies

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Full Episode Transcript

Announcer: Today’s voice over talent is more than just a pretty voice. Today’s voiceover talent has to be a boss, a VO BOSS. Set yourself up with business owner strategies and success with you host Anne Ganguzza along with some of the strongest voices in our industry. Rock your business like a boss, a VO BOSS.

Anne: Hey, guys. Before we get going, I want to talk to you about some amazing, new, bossalicious products we have that are really going to help you up your game. For both beginning and advanced VO talents, we have our BOSS University.

Gabby: This is like our podcast on steroids, guys. This is me and Anne at our best, doing what we do, putting our BOSS brains together, right —

Anne: Totally.

Gabby: — and giving you all kinds of webinars and ways that you can improve your bossness and bossibility and make more money.

Anne: Go to and just click on the shop tab. Welcome, everybody, to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with my amazing, intelligent, wonderful, awesome bosstie, Gabby Nistico. Hey, Gabby. [laughs]

Gabby: Keep going. Tell me more fabulous things about me.

Anne: Gabby, there is so much fabulous about you. [laughs]

Gabby: Aww, thanks.

Anne: So much. I’m always, I’m always saying how fabulous you are.

Gabby: Awww, you too.

Anne: Thank you.

Gabby: We’re just, we’re just so fabulous together. [fake laughs]

Anne: You know, Gabby, I have had so many people ask me questions about this voiceover industry and how to make a living in it. It probably would be good for us to talk a little bit about the economy and how it affects our, our voiceover industry.

Gabby: Look, at the end of the day, right, it’s all everybody cares about. It’s money. It’s how do we make money, how do we make enough money, how do we make more money? Because it is a business. But I think it, the, the economy or the idea of the economy plays a really big role in two things. One is people’s perceptions. And the other, well, it is not so kind. It gives them an excuse.

Anne: Oh yes, yes, absolutely.

Gabby: The state of the economy, real or otherwise, can, can give people sort of a way to just place blame elsewhere.

Anne: It’s maybe a form of denial, or maybe people who aren’t really looking at some things in their business, like they really should, in order to really progress and advance, before you point the finger and blame things [laughs] in the economy for not, you know, allowing you to grow in your business, I think you need to really open your eyes and take a hard look at what it is that you’re doing in your business to grow it. One of the very basic essentials is really understanding do you have a product to sell that is of value to people, that people find value in? And part of that is a mindset. You know, what type of client finds value in your, in voiceover and in what you do? If you’re not seeing those clients or finding those clients, maybe it’s time to shift directions and try to look for the clients that do see the value in your product. That is I think number one when you are forming a business. Usually you form a business because you have a product that you think will benefit others. And that really has to be where that, I think, initial mindset comes from, that you are providing something of value to others. And if others do not see the value in it, you then have to shift the product.