Business of VO: Budgets

Think your client’s budget is a bust? That budget is money in the bank! Being able to work within a client’s budget & make them happy is SOOO BOSS! We discuss the fun & finer points of budget-work and offer up their own strategies and secrets for showing any budget who’s the boss.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. The Bosses LOVE a good deal. Who doesn’t?

  2. Talk to a client about the budget – even those with lower-end rates – you may be able to negotiate terms that make everyone happy.

  3. Sometimes a client has a budget and there really isn’t any wiggle room.

  4. When a budget can’t be affected, is there some other gain to taking the job?

  5. A client that promises more work needs to back-it-up with a commitment or information that makes that additional work tangible – otherwise they probably don’t have the work.

  6. E-learning regularly means repeat business. The client won’t want to change voices midway through a large scale training project.

  7. Have a plan for low-dollar work – relying on it to gain experience or boost your career is typically unwise and does not come with the results you may have hoped for.

  8. Stand firm on broadcast jobs from large companies that offer low rates.

  9. Be flexible with large companies that offer low rates in the non-broadcast sectors.

  10. Knowing and understanding the scope of a job can help you to see the potential future for work.

  11. A picky client with a low rate will become tiresome.

  12. An accommodating client who expects the minimum of you for a lower rate may be a good long-term client.

  13. Editing and or finished files are a good negotiation tool for those with a low budget.

  14. Retail understands how to manipulate a consumer into believing they got a deal.

  15. Discounts are never really discounts – and we don’t advertise them publicly.

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>> Today’s voiceover talent is more than just a pretty voice.

>> Pretty voice.

>> Pretty voice.

>> Pretty voice.

>> Today’s voiceover talent has to be a BOSS.

>> BOSS.

>> A BOSS.

>> A BOSS.

>> Join us each week for business owner strategies and success with your hosts Anne Ganguzza and Gabrielle Nistico, along with some of the strongest voices in our industry.

>> Rock your business.

>> Rock your business.

>> Rock your business.

>> Like a BOSS.

>> Like a BOSS.

>> Rock your business like a BOSS.

>> Rock your business like a BOSS.




Anne: Hey everybody. Welcome to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with my budget-loving/conscious bosstie cohost.

Gabby: I’m incredibly budget savvy. I’m a maxxinista, no doubt.

Anne: Gabby Nistico.

Gabby: Hi. I love a good sale.

Anne: I love a good sale.

Gabby: I love coupons, I love clearance.

Anne: I think we all love a deal, don’t we?

Gabby: My husband knows that if we walk in to a store, and there’s a clearance, he’s just like, [beep] we’re gonna be here a minute. Love a good deal.

Anne: [laughs] We all love a good deal. Love a good deal. You know, speaking of deals, the other day I had a client that was trying to make a deal with me. You know the negotiation process that we’ve talked about so lovingly, it occurs to me that we should talk about the whole concept of client budget.

Gabby: Yeah.

Anne: Because I think sometimes we just dismiss if perhaps our clients aren’t on the same page as we are in terms of our rates and negotiations. There is a budget typically involved in a project, and sometimes that budget is not where our rates are, and we have to weigh a lot of different things to consider maybe perhaps, even if the budget is lower than we anticipate, is it a job that we might consider doing for a lower budget?

Gabby: I never rule anything out, unless the client is upfront with like a cataclysmically low rate. I don’t rule anything out. I go, let’s talk. Let’s see if we can bridge the gap, let’s see if we can make everybody happy. We have to be firm in our worth, but that doesn’t mean that we’re in flexible with meeting the needs of our clients.

Anne: Yeah.

Gabby: Does that make sense?

Anne: I agree with that. I also agree with, one of our guests recently said that sometimes it really is true that a client has a budget and there really is no wiggle room for that budget.