Business of VO – Auditions

Awe yeah – it’s time to talk Auditions. In this episode, the boss ladies not only let their Northeastern accents come out to play (hear all about voiceover AWE-ditions) but they’ll leave you awe-inspired with how they handle the auditioning process. Ready for this AWE-some episode? Hit play!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Some people (even agents) say auditioning is your job as a voiceover actor.

  2. Auditioning doesn’t have to rule your day.

  3. You can and should prioritize your auditions based on who they come from.

  4. Sometimes voiceover auditions are abusive and ask too much of us or become too specific about delivery.

  5. You should not spend loads and loads of time preparing a single audition.

  6. Direct inquiries and bookings are a far more effective use of time than just blind auditioning with Pay to Play.

  7. Building relationships with clients cuts down on auditioning and gives you better stats.

  8. Auditions should not consume so much of your day that you are unable to run your business.

  9. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

  10. You can designate specific times of the day to audition, making exceptions when necessary.

  11. If you can be submit 20 or more auditions at a time – that’s great as long as you are efficient.

  12. Editing skills are detail oriented. Precision only comes with thousands of practice hours.

  13. Auditions should be clean and presentable and free of mistakes – not over processed/complicated.

  14. Auditioning less and booking more is achieved with networking.

  15. Clients will book you directly if they are impressed with your website and what they see.

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Anne: Welcome, everybody, to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with my amazing bosstie-bestie, VO BOSS Gabby Nistico. Hey, Gabby.

Gabby: [laughs] Hi, Anne.

[both laugh]

Anne: Gabby, I –

Gabby: I love the way you intro me.

[both laugh]

Gabby: Makes me feel so good.

Anne: Because I love ya, I love ya.

Gabby: I love you too.

Anne: You know, Gabby, I was, I was – you always make fun of me, but I was late, a little bit late this morning because –

[both laugh]

Gabby: Because?

Anne: I had some auditions to finish.

Gabby: Oh, that’s important, yeah.

Anne: Yeah, I know, and it’s, but you know what? It made me start to think, there’s a lot of talk about auditioning and –

Gabby: Mm-hmm.

Anne: I want to know like, I audition for my agents, I audition for other jobs that come in, you know, through my email. Gabby, sometimes it feels like I’m auditioning all day, and some people I have heard say, you know, it’s your job. Auditioning is your job. So I think we should talk about auditioning. How much is too much, or how much do you do?

Gabby: Yes. Oh gosh. Yeah.

Anne: What are your thoughts on that?

Gabby: To be fair, we have to look at like all the, the opinions or thoughts on this, and you’re right. I’ve heard over the years a lot of people, some of them even agents, say, “you know, your job is auditioning.” Basically that’s where our efforts should primarily be spent all day. The entrepreneur in me has a little bit of a problem with that.

Anne: Ah yes, Gabby. I’m so glad you said that.

Gabby: Yeah. Yeah. The entrepreneur in me, the business owner is like “umm yeah, that’s basically working for free.”

Anne: Yeah, when you talk about – yeah. When you talk about money, your money in and money out [laughs] comparison, you know, where does that stand? And I, you know look, I understand if I get auditions from my agents, and there’s a little, I think there’s an extra step in there, number one, because I want to think that my agent of course thinks I’m capable, and therefore the audition has been passed on to me. So there’s a little bit, there’s a couple of people involved in that, and I feel like, “oh, I should honor that.” You know, and let’s audition for that.

Gabby: Yes.

Anne: And some of these auditions, Gabby, I don’t know if you want to talk about it now, but you know there’s pages, and you know, sometimes people expect that whole audition to take place, and that’s not just a second of work. That’s like, you know, audition, process, edit, and we’re talking sometimes people expect over a minute. Oh my goodness.

Gabby: The truth that you are speaking right now. I had an audition this morning –

Anne: Right?

Gabby: It cracked me up. I look at the script, the script is huge. And I’m like, I literally, I think I read about a minute and a half, and I went, “that’s all you’re getting.” [beep] And I walked out of the booth.

Anne: And you know, and you’ll see specs too. It’ll say, “read both, read all the way through.”

Gabby: No, no.

Anne: And then directions, “on one mp3 or two MP3s,” I don’t know. That to me just, it [laughs] –

Gabby: It’s being taken advantage of.

Anne: I – yes.

Gabby: Seriously. I believe that.

Anne: I get a little bit like, hair raised on the back of my neck.

Gabby: As do I.

Anne: Really? Like –

Gabby: As do I. When we all know that statistically people listen for less than 15 seconds on average, the idea of requesting any audition over a minute in length and getting super specific about its delivery [laughs] it’s abusive. I believe it is.

Anne: I – yeah.

Gabby: I won’t honor that unless it’s like you said, it’s coming from an agent, if there’s a very specific source, if they’re asking for a special circumstance, mm yeah, OK. I’ll do that.

Anne: Yeah. Me too.

Gabby: But not just any old rando that decides to send me a script.

Anne: Oh my gosh. If it comes from anything, any other source – I mean, unless it’s a direct email, right, that’s asking me for, and I know the person and they’re asking, like you said, it’s a special circumstance.

Gabby: Right.

Anne: But if it’s just an audition that comes in, let’s say maybe from a pay-to-play, or you know, that kind of thing, maybe even a referral, and there’s a page or two, I’m only giving a few [laughs] you know, like maybe 20, 30 seconds at most if that, what I think will be able to grab the gig as much as I need to do. Other than that, no, I, I do feel that it’s abusive.

Gabby: Such a fascinating conversation, and I know we’re going to piss some people off with this, and I’m all right with that. [laughs]

Anne: [laughs]

Gabby: There are many coaches, many voice actors who, when it comes to pay-to-play, they talk about auditioning 20, 30, 40, I’ve heard upwards of 60, auditions a day.

Anne: Yeah, yeah, me too.

Gabby: That’s insane.

Anne: Personally for me, Gabby, that’s not my style. You know, hey, to each his own, but here’s my thought on it. If I can have direct inquiries rather than me having to go and audition and spend that time auditioning, editing, submitting, if I could have direct inquiries about jobs – let’s say, “I’ve got, you know, a page of this. How much would you charge?” – hell, I’m going for that method [laughs] before I’m going to spend money, my own, my own time in the booth like half of my day, because I’m actually negotiating money rather than taking a chance on somebody even listening. So for me, it makes better business efficiency sense to accept direct inquiries, and do whatever it takes to make my business searchable, right, and findable, so that people can submit those types of jobs to me.

Gabby: And it’s why you and I stress the relationship piece, so much, about building relationships and, you know, production housing, and casting directors, agents and even direct clients because that’s what it affords you. It cuts down on so much of those jobs that are maybes.

Anne: Right.

Gabby: And significantly increases the booking ratio from your auditions.

Anne: Exactly. Your stats are better.

Gabby: Yeah!

Anne: Especially if you’re good and efficient, sure, if you can do 50 or 60 a day, that’s fine. Go ahead.

Gabby: I wouldn’t be doing this, seriously –

Anne: Yeah.