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Support Tools - Bolstering Your Business

Join Anne Ganguzza and guest co-host, Lau Lapides, as we share the personal rituals and support systems that keep us at the top of our game. From the mental clarity of Anne's Pilates routine to Lau’s cherished moments with her furry friends, the BOSSES unravel how these treasured practices not only lift spirits but also propel BOSSES through the most demanding business battles. The BOSSES guide you through the creation of an optimal workspace designed to awaken your most productive self. They also tackle the often-overlooked aspect of sound, from the tranquility of headphones to the creative surge provided by the right playlist. Plus, discover tried-and-true methods for diffusing work stress, to improve your business performance #likeaboss

In this episode, we give you actionable strategies to strengthen your support tool to foster increased success.

Chapter Summaries

(00:02) Boss Business Strategies for Success

Personal routines and passions, like morning Pilates and spending time with pets, help maintain boss status in business.

(12:23) Workspace Organization and Productivity

Work preferences, including bright lighting, fresh air, cleanliness, handwritten lists, and decluttering emails.

(17:44) Managing Work Stress Through Support

Music and sound in work environments, breaks for tasks outside of work, and strategies for dealing with work frustrations.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

1. Personal rituals and routines are crucial for maintaining energy and focus in business. 2. Passion projects can redirect negative energy and contribute positively to professional life. 3. Creating an optimal workspace is key to productivity. This includes letting in natural light and fresh air, maintaining a clean and organized desk, and using handwritten lists for task management. 4. Sound and music preferences in the workspace vary between individuals. 5. Taking breaks and engaging in non-work-related activities, such as running errands or spending time with pets, can help recharge the mind and provide a sense of balance. 6. Support systems are vital for navigating work stress. This can include a trusted inner circle for advice and problem-solving or stepping away from the workspace to engage in a different activity. 7. Workspace design, like the shape of a desk or table, can influence social interactions and feelings of community or connectivity. 8. Using visual cues in the workspace, such as pictures of loved ones or inspirational quotes, can provide emotional uplift and creative inspiration. 9. Recognizing and embracing personal support mechanisms, whether it's a specific type of music or a favorite routine, is important for personal and professional well-being. 10. Openness to discuss and share personal support strategies can help others in their journey to success and may contribute to a more supportive business community.

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