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PRESS RELEASE: A Voiceover Resource and Podcast Like No Other

It’s no secret that the voiceover world has EXPLODED in the past few years. And it’s easy to see why. Who doesn’t want that glamorous work from home lifestyle while making the big bucks? The problem is, most voiceover talent who start their journey, don’t get very far.

Anne Ganguzza and Gabby Nistico have heard the woes of voice actor entrepreneurs and are here to help! VO. B.O.S.S. is a brand new podcast that focuses on Business Owner Strategies and Success (see what they did there?) for established and just-getting-started VO entrepreneurs. These long-time voice actresses offer new insights, solid advice and interview other voice actors “in the trenches”.

This weekly podcast series combines invaluable business tips with undeniable humor and chemistry that comes when these two boss ladies collide. Who else could make the topic of accounting software fun? And that’s the whole idea behind VO BOSS. They focus on EVERY part of what it takes to run a voiceover business. Not just branding and marketing, but billing, collections, audition tracking – the stuff no other podcast gets into.

You don’t want to be the best voice actor that no one’s ever heard. Anne and Gabby are here to make sure you’re not! Learn more at and make sure to Subscribe to VO B.O.S.S. on iTunes and Stitcher today.  Rock your voiceover business LIKE A BOSS!

Know a VO BOSS? Enter our Contest and WIN!!!!

Do you have a favorite person who really rocks their VO Business Like A BOSS? Someone who you’d like to give a video shout out to? If so, Anne and Gabby are running a super cool contest. Here are the deets: Tell us WHO and WHY in a short video – one minute or less – and we’ll enter you into our “VO BOSS” drawing to win some REALLY COOL SWAG!  Send your video submissions to by 5 pm PST on Monday June 5 for your chance to WIN!  We’ll also feature your video segment highlighting your favorite VO BOSS during our rockin’ party on June 6. See details below.


Join us for the Podcast launch party on Facebook Live 6/6/2017 at 5:30pm PDT / 8:30pm EDT at:

For interviews and more info contact Anne Ganguzza at