Marketing: Follow the Market

Following the leader in business makes a lot of sense – but who does the leader follow? The Market! Supply and demand is all about answering to, and supporting the market, and what buyers want. In today’s episode, The Bosses lead the conversation and discuss how The Market gets what The Market wants.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Students often speak about big goals in short time frames. And while goals are great to have…the market has to be taken into account.

  2. Many people desire to have a second-career in voiceover after they retire but realistic expectations are necessary.

  3. Previous work experience can play a big role in second-career voiceover success.

  4. However, it is critical to take a look at the market’s demand. Market shifts much be tracked.

  5. Your voice, sound, style and delivery must be in demand in order for the market to sustain you.

  6. People outside of our industry often wrongfully steer people toward a voiceover career.

  7. We have to gauge what the next 5 to 10 years might bring.

  8. This will greatly influence how you market your voiceover skills.

  9. Voice actors often market themselves incorrectly and fail to identify their buying target by putting too much focus on their voice.

  10. Photographers experience this as well. It’s not enough to take beautiful pictures. You must show a buyer how that picture benefits them.

  11. We must capture and captivate an audience with both our performance and its application.

  12. We can adjust how we present ourselves to match the market needs and trends.

  13. You have to understand what the market is asking for and position yourself ahead of that.

  14. Every industry is subject to market demand and marketing trends.

  15. Voiceover actors are a go-between the client and the audience so we are subject to trends from both parties.

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Full Episode Transcript

>> Today’s voiceover talent is more than just a pretty voice.

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>> Today’s voiceover talent has to be a BOSS.

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>> Like a BOSS.

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Anne: Hey, welcome, everybody, to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with my entrepreneurial bosstie-bestie, Gabby Nistico.

Gabby: What up?

Anne: Gabby Nistico! How are you?

Gabby: I’m good, how are you?

Anne: I’m good. Hey, I got an email.

Gabby: Only one?

Anne: I got one. I got one.

Gabby: Just one email. Ok.

Anne: From a student that was just starting off, and was talking to me about goals. And one of his goals was to triple his income by the following year, and quit his job, and go full-time into voiceover. How many times have you heard that?

Gabby: [laughs]

Anne: It’s a tough one. Gabby, how do you respond to that? Do you –

[both laugh]

Anne: Because that’s a, I love – I never want to crush people’s goals.

Gabby: Hmm.

Anne: I get the motivation. I get, you know, wanting to be like “yes, I’m gonna do this,” and the drive and the motivation to really become successful, and I love that. However I think there needs to be a realistic approach in understanding of the industry.

Gabby: Look, I don’t – I’ll be the first to admit it. I’ve no idea where some of it came from. I’ve no idea how it started. I’ve no clue. All I know is that there’s a whole slew of people who think that they’re going to have a second career, a second life with voiceover. And while I think yeah, many of them will, I don’t know how realistic some people’s expectations are, and if they’re really thinking about what all goes into it and the investment.

Anne: Or those who will retire and say, “I want to be able to retire and do voiceovers full-time.”

Gabby: Yeah…

Anne: Look, I worked in the corporate world for a good number of years with a pension, and my husband had a pension from his last job and then his current job. So we, we’re kind of well on our way. Even then, that for us, I’m worried about money when we retire.

Gabby: I think a lot of it has to do too with what your previous experience or job was. I have a student now who’s a standup comic who’s on the road like God, damn near 300 days out of the year, and he does very well for himself on that circuit, but his goal is to eventually not be on the road all the time and to be able to make a living from, you know, from home. And so he’s looking to voiceover for that. As a performer and a standup comic and someone who has a performing background, that’s not a crazy leap. There’s a connection there that makes sense.

Anne: Right, sure.

Gabby: I get worried though when people are like “yeah, I’ve been an ophthalmologist for the last 30 years.”