BOSS Mindset – Goal Setting

Hey GOAL DIGGERS – it’s 2019 – time to nab those dreams! It’s time to avoid business wrecks and cash some checks! The Bosses are talking resolutions and giving you their personal spin on how to set your goals up for success throughout the year. And we talk about how to avoid an early-spring fizzle of your fastidious mind-set. Let’s get it!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Goal Setting in January is an important part of your business

  2. Resolutions are often vague or lofty and set you up for failure

  3. Goals should not just be a “new year” effort, but rather year long

  4. View money goals in whatever way reduces stress & anxiety

  5. Do your goals include the steps needed to achieve them?

  6. Goals should be realistic and based on the reality of your business’ current health.

  7. You can’t skip ‘the middle’ – so having goals that leap from the bottom to the top doesn’t give you the adequate environment in which to achieve them.

  8. Emotions, feeling and a state-of-mind can be goals too. It doesn’t always have to be numbers and stats.

  9. Your goals should make you happy. Not create excess tension or things you will avoid doing.

  10. Goals can make you miserable if you set the bar too high.

  11. Work backwards – know the goal and break down all the things you’ll need to do to achieve it.

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