Marketing – Cold Calling

It’s cold outside…so what better time to talk about Cold Calling… Is it still a useful tool or should “Smile and Dial” be relegated to the trash bin of history?  You CAN make it work for you (or kick it to the curb) with the aid of some hard and fast ground rules. Tune in as The BOSSES help you tame the dreaded dinosaur know as Cold –Call-osaurus.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Smile and dial works, but only if you have a great ‘phone personality’.

  2. Rejection over the phone or otherwise, requires resilience.

  3. Do research before you call.  Know the person, their industry and what they want/need from you.

  4. The best sales people don’t sell you, they “help you.”

  5. Make sure you have a company name/caller ID that doesn’t make people run for the hills

  6. The phone can be a potential source of stress for the person on the other end, so don’t sell, just chat.

  7. Don’t state the obvious. VO actors who profess to be professionals are often viewed as anything but.

  8. If you are intimidated by cold calling, there are other options. Try a warm e-mail.

  9. Most great sales leads happen through referrals. Name drops never go out of style.

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Anne: Hey, Gabby. Before we start the show, I want to talk about a really cool product that we have on the VO BOSS website, and it’s called the Bookout Builder.

Gabby: Yeah, I’m excited that we’re talking about this because there is a little bit of misconception about this product, and I want to clear that up.

Anne: Ah yes. While it was originally intended as a method of communicating with your potential clients about when your studio was booked out or when you were booked out.

Gabby: Regular, we were saying monthly basis —

Anne: Exactly.

Gabby: Or quarterly, either one.

Anne: You don’t entirely have to do that for your monthly Bookout Builder.

Gabby: Yes. You’re not restricted to just that. We’ve had people say to us, “oh, but you know, I don’t have dates where I’m unavailable every month, and I don’t travel that much,” and we’re like, “OK.” [laughs]

Anne: That’s fine with us.

Gabby: Yeah.

Anne: We have got three different options for you: bookout dates, featured videos, and featured clients.

Gabby: As well as topical and seasonal type things that just have to do with what’s current. You don’t have to feel obligated to have a bookout inside of your Bookout Builder.

Anne: Exactly, and this is one way that you can have a consistent way to communicate with your potential clients.

Gabby: Plus, it’s so affordable, guys, oh my gosh.

Anne: Super affordable.

Gabby: Please go to, click on the shop tab.

Anne: The branding and marketing section, yup. And now on to the show. Welcome, everybody, to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with my lovely cohost, Gabby Nistico. Hey, Gabby.

Gabby: Hi, brr.

Anne: Gabby!

Gabby: It’s cold outside. I’m freezing.

Anne: It is cold! What is happening, oh my gosh.

Gabby: It’s cold, it’s December!

Anne: It is December. Right? What is that, what is that noise? Do you hear that Gabby, it sounds like a —

Gabby: Oh, yeah, yeah, that would be my heat. That’s what that is.

Anne: [laughs] Are you kidding? Wait, you have heat, you have heat in your studio there?

Gabby: Well no, I have the heat on in the house because otherwise everybody would freeze, and my toes are really cold right now.

Anne: [laughs]

Gabby: I mean I could put shoes on, that might help, but my toes are cold.

Anne: You know, Gabby, speaking of cold, that reminds me of discussions that I see almost, I swear on a, on a weekly basis on social media about cold things like cold calling.

Gabby: [laughs]

Anne: I think we should talk about cold calling.

Gabby: Perfect time of year, absolutely.

Anne: Perfect time of year, it’s cold out. It’s cold outside. You’re cold. How can we warm people up to us? [laughs]

Gabby: [scream laugh]

Anne: Using cold calls or cold emails? Or what are your thoughts on that, Gabby?