BOSS Mindset – Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, but your office is probably an unholy mess!! Make 2018 the year you make your life simpler! Check out how Anne keeps her computer clean and synced and how Gabby keeps her sanity with her office space. Declutter your office, phone, computer, and everything else with super tips from the VO Bosses!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Take an inventory of things. If you don’t use it for 6-12 months, get rid of it!

  2. When your office is cluttered, your brain is cluttered.

  3. Consider this as your VO New Year!

  4. Your productivity will increase and improve with a clean workspace.

  5. Desginate a space where mess is allowed to happen.

  6. Remember the digital cleaning! Don’t forget your computer and laptop(s).

  7. Have a backup system in place.

  8. Pinpoint something that’s wasting your time and find a digital solution.

Referenced in this Episode

Direct links to things we brought up ++

  1. Sync!Sync!Sync!

  2. Evernote

  3. NeatReceipts

  4. DocScan Pro

  5. TinyScanner

  6. Freshbooks

  7. Quickbooks


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Gabby: Hey, guys. It’s Gabby. So… I’m hijacking Anne’s intro.

Anne: [laughter]

Gabby: Before we get started on today’s show, we want to tell you a little bit about all the ways that you can live the BOSS life, right?

Anne: #bosslife.

Gabby: Heck yeah.

Anne: VO BOSS has amazing classes that can help you to self propel your goals and increase your business and your bottom line. So for both beginning and advanced VO talents, we have our BOSS University so you can select from different classes at different levels.

Gabby: This is like our podcast on steroids, guys. This is me and Anne at our best, doing what we do, putting our boss brains together, right, because two boss brains is totally better than one –

Anne: Totally.

Gabby: — and giving you all kinds of webinars and ways that you can improve your bossness and bossibility and make more money.

Anne: Go to and just click on the shop tab.

Gabby: And now, on with the show.

Anne: Welcome, everybody, to the VO BOSS podcast. I am your host Anne Ganguzza along with my lovely BFF boss bestie, Gabby Nistico. Hey, Gabby! How are ya?

Gabby: Hi, Anne, I’m good! Hey, you know, spring is in the air, right? The birds are chirping.

Anne: It is!

Gabby: It’s Easter.

Anne: My allergies might be kicking up. I’m not sure. [laughter]

Gabby: Right! We got… that goin’ on, it’s April fools’, and guess what else?

Anne: What?

Gabby: Your office is a – mess.

Anne: [laughter]

Gabby: — because I know mine is! [laughter]

Anne: Isn’t that the truth? You know, Gabby, I think it’s a great time to do a spring cleaning –

Gabby: Totally.

Anne: — of our businesses, a spring cleaning of everything for our VO biz.

Gabby: Yeah, I mean, I actually do this every year. I think it’s – I think it’s really important to take some time when there is a little bit of downtime, you know, with things like spring break and the kids being out of school. Ok, if you are a parent, that may or may not be the best time, but definitely at some point in the spring to go, “you know what? I’m gonna to de-clutter. I’m gonna organize.” What do you do when that’s – when you need to buckle down and de-clutter?

Anne: Well, you know what I think brings it on for me is tax time, right? So talking about decluttering, I’m usually getting things in order from the past year, and that’s a really great idea or a great kind of uhh springboard to… you know, “OK, I finished off last year.

Now we’re gonna start this new year, you know, fresh, and, you know, all my records are intact.”  I mean, that’s one of the first things I do is making sure that my accountant has all of the information that she needs for tax time or whoever, if you’re doing your own taxes. You know, everything is organized and kind of put in the right places. Um, either it’s folders on your drive or folders, you know, physical folders where you keep all of your receipts and all that good stuff. That really, for me, it gets put into the folders because I do have — I actually do have, you know, physical receipts. Can’t really get away from all of it, although I’d like to…be able to just have digital receipts. Um, I put that in folders, collect it all, get it to my, my accountant, make sure my taxes are submitted, and then I put that folder physically into my file cabinet which is downstairs, which is away from my office, and that gives me fresh, clean folders, believe it or not. It seems like a silly concept, but it works or me.

Gabby: I love that you called it a springboard, right, no pun intended.

Anne: Oh yeah, right? [laughter]

Gabby: So – I’m with you, and I think that we’re – we’re kind of in a really weird time right now for entrepreneurs about the digital versus tangible.

Anne: mm-hmm.

Gabby: I think, you know, definitely for the younger folks, they’re, they’re very much about all of keeping everything digital, the least amount of stuff, not having the clutter, but –

Anne: Right.

Gabby: — there’s also some folks who are still kind of clinging to the paper ways, and there has to be a little bit of a balance. So one of the things I really enjoy doing, and this was a piece of advice that was given to me like what seems like a million years ago from an old boss, he said never pick up the same piece of paper twice.

Anne: mm.

Gabby: And I went, “how genius is that?” Right? Like, deal with it, in other words. Don’t procrastinate it, don’t put it off.  Like pick it up, and deal with it, and just get it out of your life. And so whatever your processes or systems are, that’s a great way to kind of unbury yourself from the paperwork, really just resign yourself to going, “you know what? I’m gonna pick it up. I’m gonna deal with it. I’m not gonna keep just, you know, shuffling piles,” because sometimes we do that. And creative brains especially, like we’re the worst about that.

Anne: Oh my goodness. Yes, yes.

Gabby: Oh my God, we just start building like stacks. The next thing you know, we’re like an episode of “Hoarders,” and we’re buried under our own office.

Anne: [laughter] VO Hoarders. Well, you know –

Gabby: VO Hoarders? It’s real! Dude, it’s a real thing!

Anne: And just like a spring cleaning of your house, which I love to do – like, first of all the birds, I love birds for whatever reason. You kind of figured that out with the peeps thing. Anyway, I love the sound of birds, so when the spring birds start chirping, I really get motivated to cleaning the house. And so a big part of that is because I work out of my house, right, a big part of that is cleaning the office. And that is so, oh gosh, so monumental. If I can take a day — sometimes it takes a day, right, or two — to actually go through all those piles, as you were referring to earlier, in my office and clean them, clean them up, my whole mental state is, if I have not thought about in a year, it’s gone.

It goes away, in the circular bin.

Gabby: Mm-hmm. Interesting you say that. I also feel that what is really important is to take an inventory of items, of things, tangible things and go, “if I haven’t used in six months, get rid of it.”

Anne: Yeah, oh yeah. Absolutely.

Gabby: You know, and this goes for the audio files especially, right, because every studio owner, what do we — we have like junk. Like I have a drawer that’s nothing but cables. [laughter]

Anne: Oh, so true.

Gabby: Cables and widgets and adapters and power supplies. You know, there’s a point where you have to purge it.

Anne: You don’t even know what the cables are for anymore.

Gabby: Right! You have to go, “you know what? I just,  I don’t need this,” or get it down to its bare minimum. And sometimes when you can, get somebody in there to help with that process because that fresh brain, that other perspective helps you to really determine, “do I really need this thing? Why am I holdi