Vocal Health

with Kesha Monk

What’s your vocal health routine? In this episode of the Entrepreneur Hustle series, Anne and guest co-host Kesha Monk share their secrets for keeping their voices primed for business. Get ideas for warmups, how to de-stress to get the best reads, and how to combat allergies. Do you have an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor? No? These bosses let you in on a couple of tricks they’ve learned from specialists. This is an episode full of actionable tips + where to get all-natural VoCal Throat Spray. Relax, breathe, and listen to this prescription for good vocal health!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Warming up your voice at the beginning of every day is vitally important

  2. Not warming up can impact your performance

  3. Your warm-up should include your vocal cords, neck, and spine

  4. Tongue twisters are a great warmup

  5. Talking itself can be a good warmup

  6. Get a clear water bottle with a straw, and blow into it, making bubbles while doing vocal slides

  7. “Blowing raspberries” can help warm up your lips

  8. Postnasal drip will make your voice sound gummy. The VoCal throat spray can help this!

  9. Having an ENT or ornithologist can be helpful to your vocal health

  10. In addition to vocal health, your ear health is vitally important

  11. Overuse or improper use of your voice can strain the muscles in your throat, even if your sessions aren’t necessarily vocally stressful 

  12. Don’t clear your throat. You should gently cough to clear the phlegm

  13. Good breath control is vital to voiceover, and taking deep diaphragmatic breaths can also be a good warmup

  14. Don’t be self-conscious that these breaths will show up in a session, this is why we have editing

  15. Decaffeinated tea can also be great for your vocal health

  16. Lemon and honey can be good for your throat

  17. A nasal wash, or neti pot is also good for clearing out congestion

  18. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! You have to do this 24/7 not just before you go into the booth!

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