Vocal Health

with Kesha Monk

What’s your vocal health routine? In this episode of the Entrepreneur Hustle series, Anne and guest co-host Kesha Monk share their secrets for keeping their voices primed for business. Get ideas for warmups, how to de-stress to get the best reads, and how to combat allergies. Do you have an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor? No? These bosses let you in on a couple of tricks they’ve learned from specialists. This is an episode full of actionable tips + where to get all-natural VoCal Throat Spray. Relax, breathe, and listen to this prescription for good vocal health!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Warming up your voice at the beginning of every day is vitally important

  2. Not warming up can impact your performance

  3. Your warm-up should include your vocal cords, neck, and spine

  4. Tongue twisters are a great warmup

  5. Talking itself can be a good warmup

  6. Get a clear water bottle with a straw, and blow into it, making bubbles while doing vocal slides

  7. “Blowing raspberries” can help warm up your lips

  8. Postnasal drip will make your voice sound gummy. The VoCal throat spray can help this!

  9. Having an ENT or ornithologist can be helpful to your vocal health

  10. In addition to vocal health, your ear health is vitally important

  11. Overuse or improper use of your voice can strain the muscles in your throat, even if your sessions aren’t necessarily vocally stressful 

  12. Don’t clear your throat. You should gently cough to clear the phlegm

  13. Good breath control is vital to voiceover, and taking deep diaphragmatic breaths can also be a good warmup

  14. Don’t be self-conscious that these breaths will show up in a session, this is why we have editing

  15. Decaffeinated tea can also be great for your vocal health

  16. Lemon and honey can be good for your throat

  17. A nasal wash, or neti pot is also good for clearing out congestion

  18. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! You have to do this 24/7 not just before you go into the booth!

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>> It’s time to take your business to the next level, the BOSS level! These are the premiere Business Owner Strategies and Successes being utilized by the industry’s top talent today. Rock your business like a boss, a VO BOSS! Now let’s welcome your host, Anne Ganguzza.

Anne: Hey everyone, welcome to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, and I’m here with my wonderful, wonderful friend and guest cohost, Kesha Monk.

Kesha: Hey, pretty girl. How you doin’?

Anne: I’m doing good. How about yourself?

Kesha: I’m chilling.

Anne: That’s a good way to be. I have to say though, the last few days, like the weather has changed, and my voice, I, I — literally, I got up the other day, and I had to start talking. And thankfully I didn’t have to be talking in the booth, because I would need to warm up. But I had to talk to somebody on the phone, and I could barely talk because I was so allergic. And I’ll tell ya, I think it would be good to talk about maybe some of our vocal health and remedies that we might have to keep ourselves primed and in great voice —

Kesha: Absolutely.

Anne: — for our business.

Kesha: Absolutely. I have a ton of advice on that.

[both laugh]

Anne: Well, first of all, I think warm-ups are pretty important. I know my body, it’s very — I think it’s very important to be body-aware for warming up in the booth. And there’s a lot of times when I just run into the booth, and I know a lot of my — people just run into the booth, and they’re stressed, their, you know, adrenaline is up there, and there’s stress in every part of their body, and they are not performing I think as good as they could in the booth.

Kesha: Right. I totally agree.

Anne: I think warm-ups are pretty darn important. And for me, warming up includes warming up all the area around my vocal cords. And so I do a lot of neck stretches, a lot of head rolls, I do a spine roll actually when I get up, and definitely warm up the area around my vocal cords.

Kesha: Yes.

Anne: And then I do some of those, you know, happy tongue twisters if I have to.

[both laugh]

Anne: Usually what I try to do is, I’m talking to someone or talking to a client, and that actually serves as a good warm-up for me as well.

Kesha: Oh yeah.

Anne: But I got other tips and tricks. What about you when you’re just getting up in the morning, Kesha? What do you do?

Kesha: I have an orontologist, and she taught me this. I thought it was so strange, and I can’t explain why it works, but it just does. So I get a water bottle, and I fill it up all the way to the top, a clear water bottle, and then I take a straw. And I don’t put the straw all the way in the water, but just like at the surface.

Anne: Ah yes.

Kesha: And then I take a really deep breath, then I blow. But I go [siren like sound]

Anne: Into the straw.

Kesha: Into the straw, where you’re actually making bubbles. It helps relax my throat muscles. It just makes me relax. Again it sounds crazy, but believe me, when you do it, it just helps. You know?

Anne: They sell, they actually sell, I believe, a straw kit. Now I have to — now it’s gonna make me crazy until I actually — it’s because I had some of my students talking about it the other day. But they actually sell like a kit of straws so that you can do that. There’s also that warmup where you’re just letting your lips relax and just [motor-like sound]

Kesha: Right, exactly. Yes. Yes.

Anne: That actually is supposed to be really good as an initial warmup.

Kesha: Absolutely. That does help. It helps a lot. So yeah, those are kind of the quirky things that I do.

Anne: So do you have allergies? Do they affect your throat or your voice at all?

Kesha: I used to. I don’t know, when you get older, like things change.

Anne: They say every seven years your body changes.

Kesha: Yeah, and that’s totally true. I don’t have allergies anymore, but I do have a few things wrong with my back and my knees, but that’s another podcast. [laughs]

Anne: That’s another podcast.

Kesha: But yeah, I’m, I’m blessed in the sense where I don’t really deal with a lot of seasonal allergies. If I do experience it every once in a while, they’re usually nasal, you know? They’re nasal. I deal with a lot of congestion, which of course can affect your voice, but.

Anne: Oh yeah. Absolutely. That’s the worst thing. That’s the worst thing is to be nasal, and that’s maybe if you’re recovering from a cold. I do know that for my allergies, I definitely have to just be aware. Ok, today is an allergy day. Either I have — for me, I don’t have a lot of runny-ness. Well, I should not say outward runny-ness. Maybe this is TMI, but I will have more [laughs] I will more than likely have a post-nasal drip versus me having my nose running, where I have to blow my nose all the time. So it’s good and it’s bad in a way because the post-nasal drip, it kind of coats your vocal cords so that it can be, how shall I say, a little gummy. So I really want to make sure there’s a clear path. So I actually many years ago created my own vocal throat spray from some essential oils —

Kesha: Nice.

Anne: — that I, yeah. My husband kind of got into these oils. They’re Doterra oils. And we just like them because I love the smell of essential oils. And after a little bit of research in using them, there’s actually a throat spray that singers use, that use some of these essential oils. I kind of made up my own essential oil, and I’ve been selling it for, oh my gosh, I think four years. It’s my vocal health essentials.

Kesha: Why don’t you sponsor your own show at the end of each show? You should be plugging that. What is wrong with you?

Anne: My vocal throat spray. So I love my vocal throat spray, and I actually have a booth breeze too, which is if you want your —