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Do the Hustle

This week, Anne and Lau discuss the importance of side hustles to your VO career. A side hustle can be anything from pet sitting to retail work, or offering computer consulting services. Side hustles provide more than just an extra income - they teach you to set priorities and work towards your goals. They can also provide transferable skills, and that is why the Bosses believe in the transformative power of side hustles in career development. Side hustles equip you with the skills to be trusted leaders and provide the practical knowledge to run your own business. More importantly, they offer the chance to pursue your passions and reach your goals. So, are you ready to embrace side hustles and level up your life and career? In this episode, we walk you through how side hustles can be the stepping stones to achieving your dreams.

Chapter Summaries

(0:00:01) - Side Hustles Build Character We discuss side hustles, teenage jobs, and the emotional connection between people and animals. (0:05:07) - Early Side Hustles and Their Impact Side hustles give us skills, knowledge, and the ability to pursue passions and reach goals. (0:12:46) - Side Hustles in Career Development We discuss side hustles, life lessons, character building, and setting priorities to reach goals. (0:20:13) - Side Hustles and Continual Education Importance We explore skills, education, planning, and the future of side hustles. (0:26:10) - Channeling Skills Side hustles can challenge perspectives, provide new opportunities, help us grow, and surprise us.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

1. Side hustles are not just for extra income, they can be the foundation for entrepreneurship and achieving bigger dreams.

2. Trading work for horse riding lessons was a humble beginning that taught invaluable lessons about overcoming fear and building emotional connections.

3. Managing a shoe store at the age of 15 taught early lessons in responsibility, trust and leadership, shaping the path to entrepreneurship.

4. The experience of pet sitting was a stepping stone to a successful business, demonstrating the importance of flexibility and passion in a side hustle.

5. Teaching, retail work and computer consulting were side hustles that helped set priorities, work towards goals, and grow businesses.

6. There are lessons to be learned from the animal kingdom that can be applied to business. Channeling a dog, deer, or even a Christmas tree can spark new ideas.

7. Continual education is vital and can play a crucial role in side hustles, contributing to career development and success.

8. It is important to make strategic choices in side hustles, ensuring they are flexible and enjoyable, and don't hinder progress towards bigger goals.

9. Having a side hustle should not be a source of embarrassment. If it is, it may not be the right choice.

10. Skills and experiences gained from side hustles can be invaluable in other areas of life and business, proving the power and potential of side hustles.

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