Business of VO: Control Your Coaching

The BOSSES are concerned. Because blind faith can be a business blunder. Stop asking coaches and other voiceover actors what you should do in this industry. Stop relying on others to tell you how you should run your business. Opinions are great, but ultimately, the journey is yours and so is the destination.  Listen too much to others and you’ll end up in Toledo, which is nothing like the Tahiti you envisioned! These are Boss basics, and we invite you to join this week’s discussion about voiceover coaching.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Is our industry becoming entitled? Are adult learners being lazy?

  2. Recently aspiring voiceover actors have gone from asking ‘can I do this?’ to ‘tell me exactly what I should do as a voice actor?’

  3. Anne and Gabby are concerned because blind faith in any one party can potentially be a business blunder.

  4. Adults often like to be spoon-fed information and are not always motivated, engaged learners.

  5. You can waste lots of hard earned money by arbitrarily trusting a person to company to make decisions for you.

  6. Coaches want to help their students but help comes in many forms.

  7. The coach/student relationship must work as a team. And use their combined input to create action plans and steps for the learner.

  8. Business owners must learn to trust their own gut-instincts.

  9. You cannot run an effective business if you don’t trust your own thoughts and standby what is best for you.

  10. Failure is a learning experience that we can’t negate.

  11. Life coaching is a popular trend and it’s easy to become dependent on one, however we do need people to bounce ideas off of.

  12. None of us can attribute our success to one person. There is likely a team of teachers.

  13. Ask what you want for your career and who can partner with to get there.

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>> Today’s voiceover talent is more than just a pretty voice.

>> Pretty voice.

>> Pretty voice.

>> Pretty voice.

>> Today’s voiceover talent has to be a BOSS.

>> BOSS.