Business of VO: Challenge Reveal

Could a 30-Day Challenge spark growth in your business? In this week’s episode, Anne and Pamela talk about how being consistent can be a game-changer. Listen to these two VO mavens as they discuss the importance of accountability, why multi-taking doesn’t always help you get things done, and staying focused. Listen for how you can join upcoming VO BOSS 30-Day Challenges!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Anne challenged herself to spend 30 minutes every day working on her blog and was able to get a blog out every week in the month of September

  2. Pamela challenged herself to Livestream from Facebook every day in September and streamed every day

  3. Making a challenge public encourages you to actually follow through and is an important factor in success

  4. Chances are, if it’s not scheduled, it won’t happen

  5. Put time to accomplish your goals on your calendar

  6. Do the hard tasks at the time of day when your brain is most active

  7. Anne’s next challenge will be improving her activity on YouTube

  8. Pamela’s next goal is to learn how to use Livestream with an intention of growing her business

  9. Join us on our new Facebook Group “The VO BOSS 30-Day Challenge” to keep up with our monthly challenges, and start your own!

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Full Episode Transcript

>> It’s time to take your business to the next level, the BOSS level! These are the premiere Business Owner Strategies and Successes being utilized by the industry’s top talent today. Rock your business like a boss, a VO BOSS! Now let’s welcome your host, Anne Ganguzza.

Anne: Hey everyone, welcome to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with the amazing maven [laughs] — I don’t just want to call you a maven. The amazing, content-marketing, 30-day challenge co-host maven —

Pamela: Crazy person.

Anne: — Pamela Muldoon.

[both laugh]

Anne: Pamela, how are you?

Pamela: I like being a maven though. It’s got kind of a — I mean, it sounds like I have wisdom. Maybe —

Anne: A maven.

Pamela: Maybe I’m fooling myself that that’s a good thing.

[both laugh]

Pamela: But I will take it. Hello, Anne.

Anne: Hello, Pam.

Pamela: Good to see — good to quote, unquote see you. [laughs]

Anne: I know! I’ll tell ya, so it’s been a great 30 days.

Pamela: It’s been a busy month of September. And — yeah.

Anne: It has, it really has. And we have put forth the challenge, our 30-day BOSS challenge.

Pamela: We did.

Anne: And today we are kind of going to wrap up and talk about our findings, what we learned, and all about maybe how we can continue onward with more challenges in the future. So Pam —

Pamela: I’m telling ya, I learned a lot. [laughs]

Anne: Yeah. I’m going to say for me, it was eye-opening. There were a lot of things that I learned about —

Pamela: Back up and tell us what you did.

Anne: Oh, so —

Pamela: Yeah, what was your challenge task?

Anne: Ok, so my challenge was to spend 30 days every morning working on —

Pamela: Yes.

Anne: — getting my blog back, back in line, back in posting every week. Because I had done it for awhile, and then I kind of got busy, lost my way. And then I decided because it was bringing me some good feedback and some positive results in my business, and so I wanted to get back in the track of publishing a blog every week. And I just found that I didn’t have time — or I thought I didn’t have time, and so I committed to 30 days of 30 minutes every day working on my blog to get it out every week. I’m proud to say that I was able to get out a blog every week in the month of September —

Pamela: Yes.

Anne: And I’ve gotten some great feedback on it. And I’ve learned a whole lot. What about you, what was your challenge, Pam?

Pamela: Oh my goodness. I decided, because I’m the crazy person — maybe that’s what maven means — to do live-streaming on Facebook every single day for the month of September. And yeah, I’ve got all sorts of learnings to share, Anne.

Anne: And I saw. I was checking up on you, and I think that might be one of the first things that both of us learned, right, because people — we were accountable to people.

Pamela: Yes.

Anne: And that was an important factor in making this a success for me especially, and I’m quite sure for you too, Pam.

Pamela: It was — you know, I purposefully chose something that was a very public task, that once you do it, it’s out there, and people are aware. Whether or not, you know, I got tons of views was not really my goal. I think that was the other thing that was really important was I just picked it, and I didn’t worry so much about all the moving parts and pieces of why I was doing it. I just knew that this was something I wanted to get better at doing, recording, you know, the whole video stuff, and streaming. And I just had to do it. And making it very public had a whole different level of accountability, which you’re absolutely right. I needed that. I needed that kick in the butt to — I’m not kidding when I say — if you look at my videos at the end of the month, it’s like, “it’s day 25 already, it’s day 28?” Where did the time go? Because it did go by very quickly, but that accountability was very much a part of why I was able to do it every single day.

Anne: Oh yeah.

Pamela: And I mean every single day. This was no easy task. [laughs]

Anne: And I think that helped you to kind of stay true. The fact that we had the challenge, we committed to, both each other the challenge and the BOSSes out there, we’ve committed we were going to do this. We were accountable. And for me, it really helped every morning, because there were times I was like “no, no, no, no,” something just came up, and I have to like address that, and I can’t spend the 30 minutes. If there was a challenge every time that came up in the morning, I basically — the one thing that I’m going to say that I did that helped me to stay true to this challenge was to get up earlier. And that’s what really helped me to find that time that I didn’t think I had.

Pamela: Yeah.

Anne: And when I got up earlier, I didn’t let other activities kind of flow into that getting up earlier, meaning I didn’t check social media, I didn’t check my email. I found that I struggled during the first part of it, because I would kind of start my 30 minutes, and then I would just quick check my email. Well, that was the biggest mistake that I made, was to do something else —

Pamela: Yeah.

Anne: — while I was trying to concentrate on my 30 minutes. I found that by the end of it, if I truly focused for 30 minutes on just that, and nothing else, and I didn’t have my social media open, I didn’t have my email open, I could actually just focus. And my God, Pam, it’s like I forgot what it was like to focus on one thing at a time.

Pamela: Right, right.

Anne: Because I’ve been multitasking for how long?

Pamela: Yeah.

Anne: And in reality, multitasking doesn’t really help me get things done.

Pamela: No, it’s always been a misnomer. It’s always been this myth that multitasking is — we as women especially joke about it. “I’m a multitasker.” But at the end of the day, we actually cheat ourselves. And there’s been statistics and data proven around all of this, like if you just f