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Bridging the Gap Between Artist & Audience

with Lau Lapides

To create a successful voiceover performance, authenticity is key. This can involve using props, physicalizing the script, and infusing in personal experiences to deliver a realistic & engaging read. Anne & Lau emphasize the importance of intention, nuance, and understanding the corporate story & mission. Just as a chef must gather and prepare ingredients before cooking a delicious meal, hard work and effort are necessary before reaping the rewards. Want to improve your performance? Try taking notes, emphasizing key words, and using aids like pictures & videos, and of course, tune into VO Boss! We'll guide you through it.

Anne & Lau talk creating authentic & engaging voice over reads by infusing in personal experiences, knowing the story, and more...

"If every word's the same and every word is important, nothing's important." - Lau

About Lau

Lau Lapides is Founder & President of Lau Lapides Company, a boutique coaching, training & production company for voice talent and actors. It has its headquarters in Boston with satellites in NYC, Miami and LA. Programs include hybrid online & in-person workshops, seminars, one-to-one personalized coaching, + showcases in NYC/LA and online. Lau’s media and broadcasting career coaches all work in television, film, radio and theatre. Their voices can be heard around the world.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Props and physicalizing the script creates a more believable performance.

  2. Taking scripts to different environments can make performances more interesting and realistic.

  3. Take notes & create emphasis words to improve your reads.

  4. Have an intention behind every part of a script to convey the message effectively.

  5. Cheaters like pictures and videos can help you make connections to your daily life.

  6. Infusing real-life experiences into your read will improve engagement & emotional resonance of a script.

  7. Don't rush through your auditions.

  8. Understand the corporate story & mission before a recording session or audition.

  9. Authenticity & connection is the magic that all voice actors strive to achieve.

  10. Sustainable success requires putting in the necessary groundwork.

"Allow your intention and point of view to evolve with the storyline." - Anne

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Voice acting is a highly specialized field. The script may be what you see on the page, but there's a lot more to it than just speaking words. You need to bring nuance & authenticity to your performances in order to create truly compelling work. Voice actors also have to connect with the listener in order for the message of their scripts to come across effectively. While that might seem like an easy task, it's actually quite difficult...


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