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Agent Relations

In this episode, we talk all about relationships with your agents! We provide insightful advice on timing your communications effectively, being respectful of their time, and staying top of mind by sending short, meaningful messages. Also, we stress the importance of following up and consistently being professional. In the latter part of the episode, we highlight the essence of open communication and mutual trust between voice actors and agents. So, whether you're a voice actor looking to break into the industry or an established talent seeking ways to enhance your networking game, this podcast episode has you covered. Join us as we bring you the premier business owner strategies and successes being utilized by the industry's top talent today!

From initiating contact with agents and casting directors to maintaining fruitful relationships, we discuss effective strategies that work

Chapter Summaries

(00:01) Reaching Out to Agents and Directors

Most agents and casting directors prefer concise emails and targeted information, and can be met at events or online workshops.

(07:31) Direct Marketing and Building Relationships

Direct marketing in voice acting: timing, respect, staying top of mind, following up, professionalism, and consideration.

(18:22) Voice Acting Expectations and Collaboration

Communication and trust are crucial between voice actors and agents, with a focus on teamwork.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

1. The importance of building and maintaining relationships with agents and casting directors in the voiceover

industry is emphasized.

2. Effective strategies for networking include in-person interactions at events or workshops, concise emails, and

targeting your market with specific information that agents are seeking.

3. The concept of direct marketing in the voice acting industry is explored, highlighting the importance of timing,

respecting the recipient's time, and staying top of mind with short, meaningful messages.

4. Following up professionally and maintaining professionalism throughout all interactions is crucial in the voiceover


5. Communication and partnership between voice actors and their agents are essential for successful negotiation

and securing jobs.

6. Trust, understanding, and a team approach are necessary for effective collaboration between voice actors and


7. Careful research and targeting of agents, understanding their specific needs, and presenting relevant

information concisely is crucial in making effective initial contacts.

8. Keeping emails short and to the point and offering an option to unsubscribe shows consideration and

professionalism in direct marketing.

9. In the case of receiving the same script from different agencies, it is recommended to go with the one you have the best relationship with.

10. It is important for voice actors to understand the partnership nature of the relationship with their agents, and the importance of following through on commitments and being easy to work with.

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