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Voice acting is more than just a dulcet tone; it's about connecting, taking direction, and sometimes swallowing your pride. In this episode, we explore how frustrations in the booth can mirror challenges in personal and business relationships—choosing success over being right is an art in itself. We underscore the importance of humility and remaining teachable in an industry that demands constant evolution. Whether you're a newcomer to the mic or a veteran seeking to refresh your skills, this episode promises to arm you with insights and strategies to elevate your voiceover career.

In this episode, we discuss the pitfalls of overconfidence and how to swallow your pride to be successful

Chapter Summaries

(00:01) Acting Skills in Voiceover Training

Voiceover coaching is important for success, even for those with a great voice. We discuss the value of ongoing development and delivering a versatile performance.

(12:18) Dealing With Frustration in Voice Acting

Challenges of frustration and misdirection in voice acting, staying adaptable, authentic acting, managing relationships, and giving/receiving feedback.

(18:47) Humility & Open-Mindedness in Acting Coaching

Continuous learning and growth in acting, staying humble and open to critique, and maintaining confidence while receiving constructive feedback.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

1. Importance of Coaching: Even seasoned voice actors can benefit from professional coaching to refine their skills

and achieve the 'natural read' that is highly sought after by casting directors.

2. Acting Skills Are Crucial: Acting abilities are not just an added advantage but a necessity in voice acting to

deliver performances that align with a director's vision.

3. Navigating Challenges: Voice actors must learn to manage frustrations and stay adaptable when faced with

unclear or challenging direction from clients or directors.

4. Humility and Growth: Successful voice actors must maintain humility and be open to continuous learning and

critique to grow in their craft.

5. Professional Development: Ongoing training and professional development are essential for voice actors to

unlock their true potential and remain competitive in the industry.

6. Handling Direction: Being able to interpret and act on direction effectively, even when it seems counterintuitive,

is a key skill for voice actors.

7. Emotional Intelligence: The podcast emphasizes the importance of managing professional relationships within

the industry with the same care as personal ones, using a diplomatic approach to feedback and direction.

8. Versatility in Performance: A voice actor's ability to adjust their performance to meet the needs of different

projects and directors is a testament to their acting skills and professionalism.

9. Understanding the Industry: Voice actors need to be aware of the different expectations and requirements

based on where their work will be aired (e.g., local vs. national) and who is directing the project.

10. Feedback and Improvement: The episode encourages voice actors to view coaching sessions as opportunities for growth and not to take criticism personally but rather as a means to enhance their performance.

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