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Special Guest: Kevin Leach –

We’re now 12 episodes into our podcast, and SO MANY of you have commented on the quality of Anne and Gabby’s recordings each and every week.  Anne’s in California and Gabby’s in North Carolina. How do they do it? One word. ipDTL!

Not only does ipDTL sponsor the VO BOSS podcast, but we’ve been lucky enough to snag the founder of ipDTL, Kevin Leach, for an interview!  Kevin shares with us a little bit about how ipDTL got started, what ipDTL can do for voice actors, the impending death of ISDN and what’s coming next for ipDTL!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. ipDTL offers ISDN quality without the cost!

  2. ipDTL will only ever be as good as your internet connection!

  3. Get a hard line Internet connection, do not rely on Wifi!

  4. Anne does all her coaching and even some demo sessions to ipDTL to ensure high quality!

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