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Finance 101

Intimidated by the daunting world of finances, specifically in the voiceover industry? Tag along with the BOSSES as we demystify the intricacies of money management. Our banter-filled conversation is set to shine a light on the critical role of financial discipline, understanding taxes, and the art of investment categorization for your business growth. We provide crucial insights on all things expenses - from domain names and web hosting to the nitty-gritty of audio editing software. We also tackle home studio costs and the relevance of physical inventory for product sellers. And for those lean times, we've got you covered with our practical strategies that ensure you stay on top of your game.

In this episode, we unveil the secret sauce of successful financing, a healthy relationship with money, and discipline.

Chapter Summaries

(00:01) Financial Strategies for Business Growth

Understanding money, financial discipline, taxes, profit and loss statements, and planning are crucial for business success.

(06:58) Managing Business Expenses and Variable Costs

Nature's fixed and variable costs, home studio expenses, handling lean times, and regularly evaluating expenses for a voiceover business.

(14:18) Financial Management's Importance in Business

Creating a business savings account, diversifying money, and having financial confidence are crucial for a successful voice acting business.

(27:40) The VO Boss Podcast Launch

Join the VO Boss podcast for a fun and informative discussion on rocking your business like a boss.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

1. Understanding and managing finances is key for business growth and investment in the voice acting industry.

2. Preparing for taxes throughout the year and having financial discipline is crucial for a healthy relationship with


3. Understanding fixed and variable costs, such as domain names, web hosting, audio editing software, and backup

systems, is vital in running a voiceover business.

4. Evaluating expenses periodically and managing lean times effectively is crucial for financial stability.

5. Establishing a business savings account can serve as a safety net during slow business periods and also accrue

interest over time.

6. Overcoming fear and negative mindset surrounding money and negotiation is essential for financial confidence.

7. Only buying what you can afford and sacrificing unnecessary expenses can lead to smart investments and

business growth.

8. Diversification of money and having a business savings account is important for financial security and wealth


9. Understanding the importance of profit and loss statements, and categorizing investments and profits can lead

to better financial awareness and planning.

10. Keeping business expenses and investments within means and decluttering finances can enhance financial

health and growth in the voiceover business.

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