Business of VO: Agent 2020

with Liz Atherton

VO Boss host Anne Ganguzza and special guest host, Liz Atherton, turn up the volume together in this podcast discussing the world of agenting. From phone throwing, to sleepless nights, to P2Ps, and life after the August 2017 VO tsunami (when VoiceBank changed hands to, the changes on the VO landscape have had a powerful effect on talent and agents. Liz Atherton, with her 20+ years in the industry as an agent, and now casting software developer, and CampVO director, provides thought-provoking insight into the agent side of the business.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. VO talent – you are an entrepreneur!

  2. All-in or nothing – a recipe for success but not without risk.

  3. The tsunami that hit the VO and On-Camera world is still affecting your career.

  4. Software – launching in the Spring

  5. VO Boss podcast strives to be honest and real.

  6. Voice, Technical, Network – everyone must step up to the bar.

  7. Sidenote:  Tri-booth – brainchild or George Whittam and Rick Wasserman, is awesome –

  8. they even included a coffee cup holder!

  9. Your VO PSA:  We know you love coffee – be sure to follow-up with lots of water.

  10. An agent is your best advocate, filter and shield, not to mention your gateway to better auditions.

  11. Without agents, where are the protections for rates, contracts, etc?

  12. Casting Directors like working with agents – auditions are vetted and screened.

  13. Agents work their butts off – show them the love!

  14. 2.5 years ago there were 220 VO-only agencies;  this has likely dropped by half.

  15. Appreciate your agent – they work for you 24/7!

  16. Let’s talk about what differentiates the agencies.

  17. NEVER talk about auditions – NEVER!

  18. Respect the agent – understand they have a job to do – help them and you are helping yourself.

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  2. Recorded in my amazing Tri Booth

  3. Recorded on ipDTL

  4. Awesome podcast editing by: Carl Bahner