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Audition Demolition Live Event - Spring 2024 Edition

Showcase your talent and improve your skills

with feedback and direction + a chance to win cash & prizes!

Submit your audition for a chance to be placed on our callback list and audition live for VO BOSS host Anne Ganguzza and MCVO Agent Lau Lapides. Callbacks will read and receive direct feedback during the event, and winners will be announced live. All audition entrants are eligible for additional prize drawings.


Audition Deadline: April 29, 5pm PST

Live Event: May 7, 4pm - 6pm PST


Please note: This is not an audition for an actual job, but a contest and learning opportunity.

How Audition Demolition works:

Create Free Account and Sign in to Purchase Tickets

- Submit audition and receive personalized feedback

- Attend live event to be eligible for callbacks and prizes

Audition Submission Process
  1. Submit your audition by the deadline noted in your ticket purchase.

  2. Read one of the included scripts, following the specs & instructions provided.

  3. Upload audition files according to instructions sent to your email. Incorrectly named or submitted files may not be eligible for entry.

Audition Feedback

Your audition will receive feedback via Dropbox, sent to the email included with your submission 24 hours after the event. Auditions and feedback will visible to other participants.

Callbacks and Performance

If your audition is shortlisted, you will be notified at the start of our live event, and will be invited to perform during the show. All shortlisted auditions will be considered for our cash prize, even if the talent does not perform during the live event. You must be present during the live event to win.


Overall winner will receive a cash prize. Additional winners may receive VO BOSS merchandise.

Recording & Media Usage

Audition Demolition events will be live-streamed to YouTube and posted to VO BOSS social media platforms. You do not need to appear on camera to enter or participate, but if your camera is turned on, your image will appear on VO BOSS social media channels as part of the event playback.

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